Top 8 community building and engagement tips for Blockchain companies

Anchor Chan
Dec 23, 2019 · 4 min read
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How do you effectively engage an online community to become strong advocates for your project? What is the most effective way to attract a bigger audience for your business?

Short answer - building and engaging an online community.

For starters, an online community can help spread awareness of your brand. Your community can also serve as an invaluable source of feedback, user-generated content as well as PR and fundraising opportunities.

Companies cannot realize these benefits unless they make efforts to effectively engage the community. In this post, we highlight some of the ways to encourage the existing audience or members of the community to become more active an advocate for your project.

1. Launch giveaways

Giveaways and competitions across various social media platforms provide an effective way to create awareness of the project and reach more potential investors. Simply launch tweets encouraging people to retweet and tag friends for a chance of free coins or tokens.

In addition, launch creative contests on platforms such as Steemit to build awareness, content, and buzz for your company. The aim is to reward community members who create an interesting article about the project with tokens at attractive prices.

2. Use Twitter polls

Creating polls on Twitter and Telegram are very interactive and can help you establish a meaningful connection with your audience. Polls can also help drive people to your Twitter page — people love seeing answers to questions that matter to them. Remember to get creative and timely with your polls to boost engagement.

3. Airdrops

Airdrop programs involve distributing tokens to fans on a specified date upon performing a variety of tasks that are designed to generate awareness and hype for the project. Although setting an airdrop is quite difficult, it does bring remarkable results when successfully executed. It can help bootstrap your project and get more people trading in the company’s coin when it lists on an exchange after ICO/IEO.

4. Bounty

Bounties come in many forms but the idea is that whoever completes the bounties will be rewarded with the company’s tokens. For example, members could be asked to translate whitepaper to different languages, produce marketing videos or refer new members to join the Discord channel. Community members get tokens in return for accomplishing tasks while the project obtains the much-needed marketing for its ICO/IEO. The good thing about bounties and airdrops is that those who register for them truly believes in the project since the value of the reward depends on the future success of the project.

5. User testing

In some instances, it is sensible to encourage users to download and try to stress-test your blockchain platform or wallets on testnet. This stress-testing helps to generate public awareness for the project. It also gives the community the chance to report bugs and any feedback they might have about the technology.

6. AMA interviews

AMA (ask me anything) sessions provide a wonderful way to speak the crypto community at a more personal level. AMA will help you in knowing your community better, by growing your active followers and let them be more involved. It is usually done by the CEO or the founders of the company. It is important to create as many AMAs as possible and then promote them in various media channels and on social media to increase awareness.

7. Attend conferences

It may be expensive to attend several conferences every month but blockchain meetings offer a lot of opportunities for new and existing companies in the space. Attending conferences allows you to create new partnerships, spread your idea within the crypto community, and meet potential investors face to face.

8. Exchange voting

Another great way to engage fans and users is to rally the community together in order to get listed when an exchange runs a voting competition. In this case, no coins or tokens are offered in rewards but the new exchange listing provides liquidity to investors, thus increasing the price of the coin. The company on the other hand benefits from increased visibility and exposure which in turn attracts new investors.


Engagement across all social media platforms is critical for the success of any blockchain company. You should work extra hard to keep your community engaged using the aforementioned tactics. Also, listen to the community and act on their questions and concerns. If you need help with building a highly engaged community for your project, get in touch now so we can assist you. We’ve built large communities for a myriad of companies within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and we can do the same for you. Talk to us today.


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