Why you should start community building from day one

Anchor Chan
Nov 28, 2019 · 3 min read
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One of the many aspects of blockchain technology that makes it truly attractive is the blockchain community and its ecosystem. Being an open-source technology, blockchain embraces strong values of community, collaboration, and transparency, for the mutual benefit of the technology and users.

This commitment to the community pushes developers and founders to constantly contribute and grow the ecosystem. The contribution of the community is critical for the sustainability and scalability of any blockchain project. And the earlier you start to build that loyal base of users and fans the better.

Blockchain community

Blockchain community or crypto community comprises leaders, developers, investors, enthusiasts, fans and users spread across a variety of social platforms. Specifically, these social networks include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and BitcoinTalk forum. Each one of these platforms is unique and you need to focus on the most relevant platform for your project.

For instance, BitcoinTalk is the perfect platform to release news via ANN post (Altcoin Announcements) to build the buzz around your project. Reddit provides a platform to interact with fans by asking questions and responding to community feedback. Twitter is very fast-paced and is ideal for sharing interesting stories and developments about the project. Telegram is mainly for crypto communities who just want a relaxed space to hang out, discuss their project and its news, goals, and roadmap.

Medium and Discord are also a favorite with the blockchain community as people come here to interact with the developers, marketing team and people close to the project. Polymath, for example, built its community on Medium by publishing blog posts and updates to get people excited about the project.

Why focus on building community

Some of the biggest blockchain projects out there started by building large communities from day one. Not only does a strong community sets the foundations for a successful ICO/IEO sale, it can also generate buzz that attracts media attention — and bring additional credulity to your project.

Building a community from the very beginning is important because, in the early days, there’s not an established product being offered yet. Investors need to know that there’s a credible team behind the project and a community around it. If that community is large and strong enough, your project will quickly gather interest from both investors, fans and the press.

Many people want to follow the journey of the project closely from conception to its first wallet, its first exchange, to Coinmarketcap listing and seeing it complete that first milestone on the roadmap. This is why it is important to build your audience from early on and ensure that decision-making is based on whether a majority of participants in the community agree on. The community approach provides you with the opportunity to build a stronger network of relations amongst the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain companies should take advantage of the community spirit that exists with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Use social media to establish a meaningful connection with your audience, especially by taking advantage of interactive features like polls on Twitter and Telegram to get a feel for what your fans care most about.

Aside from polls and blogging, remember to closely monitor and participate in social media conversations. When investors and fans reach out in the comments on your blog or social posts, go the extra mile and provide a personal response. This gesture generates goodwill with your community, and it allows you to engage them with your brand’s authentic personality.

Build and grow your community with us

TokenMinds is committed to continuing its support to the blockchain companies seeking to establish strong communities for their projects. Through comprehensive, cohesive community engagement techniques, we’ll get the crowd talking and advocating for your project. Talks to us for free today.


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