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Fraser Brown
Aug 1, 2018 · 2 min read

If you have not downloaded yet please do so. You can install it with Chrome, Firefox or Brave. There are lots of tutorials online so we will not dwell on this.

Make sure you select . DO NOT use real ETH on this test net deployment.

If you do not have test-ETH then first you will need to get some from a friend, or go to and use their faucet service. Get a bunch — at least 10.

Getting test-TOKEN

From MetaMask Rinkeby network send test-ETH (NOT REAL ETH) to this airdrop address


This is NOT the crowdsale. These are NOT real TOKENs. They are test-TOKENs for use on a testnet deployment.

Each test-TOKEN costs 0.001 test-ETH therefore to get 1000 test-TOKEN you will need 1 ETH. But we suggest you get more so you can share with friends etc. As they say in Ireland, “better looking at it than looking for it”.

The smart contract will automatically send test-TOKEN to your MetaMask wallet. You need to add the token’s address if you want to see it.

Cut and paste the contract address into — 0x3a5e824ad5b97aed6dd51c4bfb3e1de5e3dfeff6

If you have 1000 or more test-TOKEN (name is test-TOKEN and symbol is testTOKEN) in your MetaMask wallet you will now have access to the platform.

Click “connect” and sign the transaction.

Problem? In some browsers MetaMask does not open in a new window when you sign. Look at the browser icon and see if it says “1” indicating that there is a transaction. You can click on it and sign the transaction.

If you have other questions click the telegram button in the lower right of the page and we might be able to help you in realtime. Otherwise, you will find people in the who will be able to help too.


Welcome to decentralized project assessments and democratised investing.

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Welcome to decentralized project assessments and democratised investing.