EFIN Coins to be Distributed to TPAY Holders

Use EFIN Coins to buy Swiss Financial Products from TokenSuisse

To explain, the eFin DEX is a critical secure, decentralized, private and unhackable exchange hub of the TokenPay ecosystem. EFIN Coin is a product of its own blockchain (not a TPAY fork) with a modern codebase that was developed specifically for facilitating financial transactions. Users will have the ability to exchange EFIN Coins for TokenSuisse financial products on the blockchain. The idea is to tokenize traditional Swiss financial assets and make them available to everybody on the blockchain. Not just access to the select few who have the means and ability to open an exclusive Swiss asset management account with an overpaid broker.

We have made the decision to not sell EFIN Coins. The only way to obtain them is to be in possession of TPAY Coins on the EFIN Coin distribution date. This is NOT a coin swap. TPAY holders will simply receive EFIN Coins as a distribution at no additional cost. The EFIN Coins will be immediately available on the eFin DEX platform and we hope to achieve listing integration of EFIN Coins on third party exchanges as well. EFIN Coin will also be a vital component of our merchant processing platform and added to all aspects of the TokenPay ecosystem.

TokenSuisse to Release Swiss Financial Products Featuring TPAY

In July, our partner TokenSuisse will be launching a Privacy Coins Certificate. This can be purchased using fiat and it is regulated by the Swiss FINMA. We are pleased to announce that TPAY is key component of this index. TPAY coins will need to be acquired by TokenSuisse in order to back the Privacy Coins Certificate. TokenSuisse is a business that literally ties into every facet of our ecosystem. The one thing slowing adoption of crypto is that merchants do not want to speculate on the market volatility. So, TokenSuisse ties perfectly into our merchant platform, allowing merchants to instantly convert crypto sales to fiat. This platform is expected to be launched in Q3, along with the official launch of the eFin DEX.