eFin Partner Update

A letter to Partner and Platinum members from CEO Derek Capo

Jun 27, 2020 · 2 min read

Hello Efin Partners and Platinum members!

I wanted to send you this quick update to let you know what is happening with the EFIN pivot I mentioned before and how you will benefit. Please read this again to refresh your memory or if you have not read it https://medium.com/tokenpay/tokenpay-project-2020-update-1-598c59a9d219

We decided to postpone all the DEX development until we had 2 things happening.

1. Larger user base to have more peer to peer trades for all the pairs.

2. Consistent revenues to be able to continue the project and its mission.

To achieve this we decided to build a CEX aggregator which allows users to trade many pairs, with deep liquidity (provided by over 10 exchanges globally) and a web version that allows anyone with any mobile or laptop/desktop to access with no application needed to install. This helps both the 2 points mentioned above.

We expect the launch of the new EFIN to be partially released in July and will add more features on a monthly basis to keep expanding the services and benefits of EFIN. Features such as the EFIN wallet, coins, and 2 step pair trades like XRP to TPAY with 1 click.

Given the changes the revenue sharing component benefit can not be as stated before because we have a lot more fees from exchanges and it is not peer to peer. So, we decided to make a few changes where you are able to participate in its growth.

If you are a Partner or Platinum and for every $100 in swaps performed on EFIN you will get 2 TPAY and 3 TPAY, respectively. Any non-partner can get 1 TPAY. We will ask that you all complete a form to receive this as we need time to link up the blast system to the new platform.

Also, at the end of every month we will count the total number of swaps performed that are at least $100 or more and send 1 TPAY per transaction so if we have 100,000 SWAPs with each at $100 or more we will send 100,000 TPAY where Platinum members receive 30% and the rest is split amongst all Partners so in this case 30,000 goes to Platinum and 70,000 goes to Partners. Nevertheless, given the volatility of TPAY price we may change the ratio of TPAY per transaction on a monthly basis.

Keep in mind we have extended the Partner and Platinum expiration date and will continue to do so until we feel we have delivered the product we think solves all of our goal and mission.