Litecoin Summit 2018: A Can’t-Miss TokenPay Ecosystem Presentation

On September 14th and 15th of this year, the Litecoin Foundation will be holding the first ever annual Litecoin Summit at the South San Francisco Conference Center. This Saturday, September 15th, our CEO, Derek Capo, will be speaking about the entire TokenPay ecosystem and our partnership with the Litecoin Foundation. You can read more about the event at

This is an amazing networking opportunity for blockchain companies and enthusiasts, and we’re thrilled that this is the first time that we’ve been invited to speak at an actual conference.

We’ve said many times that our primary goal is to drive mass-market adoption of crypto. Our partnerships with TokenPay Swiss, TokenSuisse, WEG Bank, Litecoin Foundation and others all center around this very aspect.

We choose our strategic partnerships very carefully. Our alliance with Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation is based on a common goal of increasing adoption, as well as facilitating services and technology that will benefit a wider audience.

We are very excited about this partnership because it brings a lot of technological support and experience on which we can build the future of blockchain. No company can do it all alone — there is strength in numbers, and when multiple communities come together to work on a common goal, the sky is truly the limit.

In order for us to see widespread adoption of crypto, we have to address the primary problems that both merchants and users have. It must be easy to use, fast, secure, and have a healthy relationship with the traditional banking system (for fiat conversions and settlement). Derek will be going into further detail regarding exactly how we’re planning on doing this.

Adoption boils down to one thing: people transacting in crypto. Merchants have to accept crypto as payment, and people have to be willing to pay for things from those merchants using crypto. This entire process must be seamless, painless, and intuitive. Merchants need a simple integration process, low transaction fees, and a way to convert their crypto into fiat. Derek will explain exactly how we’re going to do just that.

While merchant onboarding is an integral piece of the adoption process, it’s futile without people transacting in crypto. That is why we have also focused on building out our new mobile wallet as the hub for bringing our entire ecosystem together. With our new wallet, it will be quick and easy to send money (whether TPAY or any of our partners). Part of Derek’s presentation will include videos and animations of our new wallet and merchant platform.

The third factor for adoption is a close tie-in with the traditional banking system. Through our close partnership with TokenPay Swiss AG, we’ve made significant investments into making this happen, with both WEG Bank and TokenSuisse. These alliances offer us inclusion and mass exposure; both of which are needed if we want to see the shift in momentum needed to increase adoption.

Our presentation will further explain why we feel these 2 specific partnerships are the ideal ways to bridge this gap between traditional banking and crypto. We’re working on a lot of things, and every piece of our ecosystem is interconnected and has a specific purpose.

Join us this coming Saturday, September 15th at the Litecoin Summit 2018, as our CEO breaks down the what, why, and how behind the entire TokenPay project.