The TokenPay Ecosystem Explained

Apr 16, 2018 · 10 min read

Saying that we have a lot going on behind the scenes is a massive understatement. While most were attracted to our project for our secure and anonymous TPAY blockchain, there is just so much more to this story and this post is designed to help the community connect all the dots and gain a better understanding of everything that we have to offer.


First and foremost we have the TokenPay core platform. The features and benefits are best explained in our whitepaper and on our website. But in essence, our platform consists of an anonymous P2P transactional system that utilizes the TPAY coin as a base mode of exchange. Wallet to wallet transfers can be done virtually instantly (within 2 seconds) and on a public or private and untraceable TOR network driven blockchain.

Coins can be staked by using our desktop wallets and users receive rewards. This action of staking is what powers the decentralized network and is the reason why transactions complete so rapidly. As of right now, there are tens of thousands of people staking TPAY and the number increases daily. We do have the only Android Bitcoin wallet on the market that is Proof-of-Stake. We are working on an iOS wallet version as well. The best place to follow these technical developments are on our YouTube Channel that is updated 3 times per week.


A couple months ago we began work with a dedicated team of blockchain developers in Costa Rica on our own exchange. This is necessary for us in order to power the various applications that we currently have under development. That is, in order to drive our multi-signature transaction engine merchant processing platform, there needs to be an integrated exchange mechanism with a tight bid and ask spread. To facilitate fast and smooth transactions, a live market for TPAY is essential. One that will ultimately support immediate adoption of TPAY as a form of payment.

Considering all of the hacks and thefts lately like Coincheck and Bitgrail to name just a couple, we certainly did not want to go down that same road by employing vulnerable centralized custody of assets. Furthermore, current decentralized exchanges seem rather clumsy. So we developed our own proprietary decentralized exchange technology. It is anonymous, uses TOR network privacy and it is completely secure. Because we never have custody of funds, no arduous sign-up procedure exists. Trading functions as automatically as possible with a decentralized exchange platform. Atomic swaps will be supported and the first pairs will be TPAY, XVG, BTC and EFIN.

User Friendly eFin Exchange allows for rapid fire, secure and anonymous crypto trading

The EFIN token is its own blockchain that is built with the Infinitesimal protocol (plenty more about this soon). The comprehensive whitepapers and websites for the exchange token and the associated blockchain protocol will be released soon. EFIN is the ideal DEX token that employs a new blockchain technology that creates the possibility of a tamper-proof consolidated audit trail and increased transactional velocity. Accordingly, the cost of transactions compared to more traditional fees is infinitesimal. So efficiency is effectively streamlined. This token will be the utility backbone of the exchange platform. It will be available to TPAY holders at a later date TBA. Its technology will drive countless TokenPay applications from e-commerce to gaming to banking initiatives. It will also feature a deep integration of Verge Currency.

EFIN Token Wallet with Cold Staking Mode


As many are aware, we contributed 66,500,000 XVG to the Verge crowdfunding campaign in order to secure a major deal for the coin and solidify a strong lifetime partnership that will ultimately benefit both the TPAY and XVG community. The high level goal is for both coins to be top 10 contenders. Nobody will be sleeping until this objective is achieved. Both of our communities plan to work together in a harmony never before seen in the crypto world in order to advance each others product goals and development. Plenty more will be disclosed publicly about this partnership, but the alliance includes co-branded debit card solutions for TPAY and XVG and several planned deep integrations of XVG in to TokenPay platform rollout initiatives.


While we build out our own exchange, we are pursuing multiple third-party exchange integrations. The first one was with an Asian company called QUOINE. The reasoning for this listing is well documented and summarized in an informative Ask Me Anything call between our CEO Derek Capo and the exchange’s VP of Operations Seth Melamed. Of course this is only the first of several integrations that will take place over the next few weeks and months. We intentionally began early integration on a smaller exchange as a proof of concept and to iron out the listing process with the development of a custom exchange wallet necessary for such an amalgamation. TPAY is now listed on CoinMarketCap.


During our token sale in December we discussed the imminent possibility of a potential acquisition of a Vanuatu bank. While we had an LOI in place, we ultimately took another route and secured a deal with a bank in a top tier jurisdiction instead. About a week ago, we discussed all of the reasoning behind this move and the rationale behind the German bank seeking us out as a partner and hopefully an eventual acquirer. The deal is in the final stages. Contract drafts have been circulated. All major points have been agreed upon.

At this point, it looks like our parent company TokenPay Swiss AG will end up acquiring 9.9% of the German bank with an option to purchase an additional 80.1% stake in the bank pending regulatory approval. The German bank intends to implement TokenPay blockchain technology immediately upon closing and is already taking measures to accommodate what will likely be a rapid on boarding of new customers from the TokenPay and Verge communities. This includes critical eFin exchange capabilities for account holders. Priority will be given to TPAY and XVG holders. Along with traditional debit cards for account holders, plans are also in place to create a pre-paid gift card store with private label crypto cards.

Recently a second bank in another strong European jurisdiction has approached us about a potential minority stake and partnership. Talks have been initiated and we feel optimistic about a positive outcome. It is our mandate to enter in to as many strong financial deals as we can. Banking is such a critical element to our business plan and we are constantly looking for similar deals with different institutions. We feel that we can replicate our model globally in multiple jurisdictions. Banking licenses supersede all other e-money or financial licenses in most places. It is the holy grail of international commerce and we are uniquely well positioned to capitalize upon this opportunity.

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo and German Bank Key Stakeholders in Breakfast Meeting


Our Romanian development team led by Vlad Turtoi is developing the TokenPay merchant tools suite of products. This includes the e-commerce platform, which is designed as a crypto payment processing API and platform similar to PayPal but with privacy as the core objective. The first crypto integrations are TPAY, XVG and BTC with associated pairs that leverage our proprietary exchange technology to enable cash outs for merchants. The big selling point is immediate transaction approval, low to zero fees for most merchants, anonymous and secure processing with no chargebacks.

TokenPay Romanian Development Team with CEO Derek Capo

Another major project that our Romanian team is working on is called TokenEscrow. This is a project that isn’t in our whitepaper road map but we feel serves an unfilled demand. As a company that transacts almost exclusively in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ourselves, we have required the use of traditional escrow services almost daily. Whether we are purchasing a key domain for the company or making an acquisition of a company or product, the need is there.

TokenEscrow works like any other escrow service but with crypto and with licensed and trusted intermediaries. Accordingly, we have entered into a deal with a Switzerland based financial institution that will provide fiat exchange services in conjunction with escrow deals ran through our platform. This gives us a very unique competitive advantage in the market where we can not only do crypto escrow deals but crypto to fiat transactions as well. Licensed partners will work with TokenEscrow to facilitate transactions in multiple jurisdictions using our crypto secure storage and exchange technology platform and financial network.

On the e-commerce side of the business, we are close to signing a major deal with an Austrian company that owns 1500 tobacco shops in Europe. This company is interested in integrating anonymous TPAY voucher and payment systems in its stores. When completed, this deal will provide tremendous exposure and proof-of-concept of the TokenPay retail merchant platform. This is the first of many deals we expect to make with notable retailers in Europe and Asia, where our commerce activity is focused.

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo meeting with TopTech & E-Loading Service GMBH execs in Zurich


We recently made an acquisition of a notable Latin American gaming software company. This is a B2B platform development firm with several strategic assets. These include a Curacao license and master reseller agreement with Microgaming, that is notoriously difficult to obtain. We believe that the gaming business represents a very significant use case for our blockchain products, most notably TPAY. Secure and private transactions are essential to gaming platforms and its customers. This company that we acquired 60% of also has a unique blockchain protocol of its own of which we hope to leverage in the mid term. It is also almost finished development of a crypto payment platform designed specifically for the gaming industry.

Currently we are working on rebranding this company as TokenGaming. We are also pursuing different licenses such as Malta which covers all of Europe and Colombia for a Latin American focused operation where we hold many competitive advantages. This is yet another TokenPay application that will benefit from the development of our eFin exchange technology. Especially in the regulated markets, the crypto conversion to fiat is necessary. We plan to launch several gaming products shortly, including poker, financial spread betting, casino games, e-gaming and sports betting. The team that we onboarded from the acquisition is primarily composed of Colombian and Venezuelan blockchain developers. As such, we consider this to be an acquihire given the affordable tech talent and immediate head start we now have in this industry. Expect a lot of news to come out of our gaming division.

The TokenGaming Team in Bogota at our booth in the recent FADJA show


One of the key businesses that we are working on in conjunction with our debit card banking platform is the creation of a network of payment solutions. This is targeted towards webcam models and the affiliates that promote these websites. It is no secret that models want to get paid daily and in cash. Most want to stay out of the limelight as well. Privacy and real anonymity are key elements of this business. Nobody is better positioned to capitalize on market opportunity as we are. The division is called TokenCams and the objective is quite clear. To provide the payment card solutions for models and affiliates of adult webcam sites. We have met with several key players in the industry, both in Japan and Latin America. Everybody we have spoken to is interested in this solution as well as the integration of secure and private TPAY merchant processing for the respective websites. High demand for this service and we will aim to fill it very quickly.

Meeting in Tokyo with one of the premier adult webcam site operators in the region


The purpose of this report is to provide enhanced insight to the community on how the various parts of the TokenPay ecosystem work together harmoniously. For instance, the exchange technology powers much more than the eFin exchange itself. It fuels the banking platform, the gaming and cams divisions and all of the merchant services applications. Third-party exchange integrations as well are essential components of the ecosystem. The bank deals open doors. Licenses are still critical components of international finance activity. Sectors that we operate in must make sense and represent long-term viable trends with strong secular tailwinds.

We feel that we are ahead of our original road map both in sum and substance. Our priority is always executing on deals. Even today after significant development expense and various investments, we have more crypto assets on hand than immediately following the December token sale. This is a true testament to our astute financial management abilities and hedging program. We are in a race akin to internet adoption in the mid-90s. By focusing on our multi-niche specific strategy, we feel that we have a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to position TokenPay and the TPAY coin as the world’s leading platform for crypto payments. At the same time we aim to be transparent and keep the community updated about our deals and progress. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram for real-time breaking news updates.



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TokenPay is a decentralized and self-verifying merchant payment platform. Based entirely on mathematics it is designed to enable fast and secure transactions.



TokenPay is a decentralized self-verifying merchant payment platform. Based entirely on mathematics it is designed to enable secure transactions between multiple parties.

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