TokenPay Digital Wallet Users Generate TPAY Coin Rewards

The TokenPay secure SHA-256 encrypted wallets deploy next generation technology that is fully integrated with the TPAY proprietary blockchain. TPAY is a Proof-of-Stake coin. It distributes rewards to network holders that use the wallet. The decentralized network expands virally by leveraging the processing power provided by TPAY holders’ graphics cards. This amplification is powered by the TokenPay desktop wallet holders.

Bitcoin Network uses Antiquated Proof-of-Work Mining

Antiquated systems, like those employed by Bitcoin itself, use traditional network mining called Proof-of-Work. Whereby the rewards are only distributed to the first to find a solution for the mathematical problem that concerns the subject candidate block. This is a mathematical problem that cannot be solved in any way other than through brute force. When a miner finally finds the right solution, it is announced to the whole network at the same time. Only this miner receives the digital token prize provided by the protocol. Accordingly, mining requires a huge number of attempts and is wholly inherently inefficient by design.

Multi-Screen Digital Wallet is Decentralized and Incentivized

TokenPay features a multi-screen densely encrypted wallet that is fundamentally driven by the most secure core blockchain technology ever introduced. TPAY tokens can be held and transacted within the wallet itself. Platform users engage in secure communications by way of the embedded live engagement platform. The actual TPAY token is Proof-of-Stake driven. This means that TPAY holders earn a prorated daily 5% per year bonus of TPAY coins for simply leaving one of the licensed wallets open. The open wallet acts as a generator engine by leveraging the immense processing power of the graphics card across the network of all TPAY holders. This set of actions allows TPAY to expand its decentralized network and it rewards its holders in kind for providing valuable processing power.

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