TokenPay — General Token Sale Overview

TokenPay will be releasing 14,250,000 TPAY coins to the public. The overall coin distribution is as follows:

Distribution Details

• A total of 25 million coins have been created for the TPAY coin. No more coins can be created once the 25 million has reached full circulation.

• 57% of all TPAY tokens to be created for purchase by the public in the TPAY initial token sale under the ticker symbol TPAY. All unsold tokens will be kept in a reserve for futures sales.

• 25% of tokens will be offered to the community via Proof-of-Stake.

• 10% will be retained by TPAY’s founders and locked up for 1 year, as a gesture of commitment to the purpose and project.

• 5% will be for current and new team members and executives and will be locked up for one year, The remaining.

• 3% of TPAY tokens to be created will be retained for marketing, bounty payments and advertising.

To participate in the TPAY token sale, TokenPay will only accept Bitcoin.

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