TokenPay Important Updates — Week 2 of Token Sale

As we have reached the end of the first week of the token sale, it is time for an update on what we have achieved and where we are making improvements. Firstly, we area already in negotiations with several key International bankers on the various partnership and/or acquisition opportunities.

Banking Update

We believe that the future for TokenPay in terms of domicile is is in Switzerland or in the EU. Although noted in the Whitepaper that our objective is to acquire or partner with a bank in Vanuautu, we now feel that the jurisdiction is too small for what we want to achieve. Vanuatu is not ready for an operation at the scale that we feel the TokenPay banking operation can become. We have well over 50,000 registered users right now and think that many will be interested in the banking services as detailed on our website and Whitepaper. And we are only entering the second week of the sale.

Accordingly, we have been in discussions primarily with Swiss and other EU bankers actively searching for opportunities to acquire and/or partner and an existing bank. Switzerland already has at least one bank that is licensed to conduct Bitcoin transactions but they are failing on technology and operations. That is the TokenPay difference and where we excel. Expect more updates to follow.

Support Update

TokenPay started as literally only a handful of people and with a single dedicated support staff person only a week ago. During the week, due to the tremendous early demand for our product we quickly began on-boarding and training additional support staff. Currently we have 9 full-time support staff working around the clock to answer support tickets. We are adding even more additional staff over the next couple days. There is a training process so please understand we cannot ramp up to 100 staff overnight, it is just simply not possible in this operation. Please use the support ticket system and be patient and you will get a response. Enjoy the weekend and we are here working hard 24/7 today, tomorrow and Sunday and plan get to everybody by Monday.

We made an error by introducing 2fa (two factor security) by underestimating the amount of people that would end up locking themselves out of their accounts and the related support influx that this would cause. We have disabled 2fa for the time being until we catch up on the support tickets. Be rest assured that this is our FIRST PRIORITY to help everybody access their accounts. Also note that the tokens will be distributed following the token sale. The dashboard — while nice to look at — really serves no function other than to show you how many tokens you have and how many the people you referred to the token sale have. Our own records of every transaction are secure and in tact. This is what we will ultimately rely on when distributing the tokens. Tokens will be distributed only following a complete and detailed audit by us so we make sure that everybody gets the tokens that they are entitled to period.

Technology Update

We have hit the ground running with tech improvements across the board. You can see the new Desktop Wallet UX. We expect to roll this out shortly. Also the TokenPay Android Mobile Wallet is now available in the Google Play store and you can find the link on our site at All the available wallets will have links to download.

Several people have asked about the blockchain. You can view it at It works perfectly as you can see early tests we made on the public ledger. It will be publicly launched when the tokens are distributed. It is a very careful coordinated effort to launch a blockchain as it is a decentralized network. That is the core fundamental premise of this blockchain. This is how we were advised to launch the blockchain by our technical team and advisors

For technical information on the TPAY token, I’d suggest that everybody watches the video below featuring our Blockchain Auditor and Advisory Board member Sunerok who is the Lead Developer of Vergecurrency. He speaks with our CEO Derek Capo and fields questions from a semi-private Zoom webinar that we held a couple days ago with a small group of invited attendees who were able to ask questions about the TPAY coin technology and blockchain. It is fascinating and we hope that everybody has the opportunity to watch this video from who many in the community consider to be the top mind in the privacy coin universe.

Verge Currency Lead Developer Sunerok is the TokenPay Blockchain Auditor. In this video he talks to TokenPay CEO Derek Capo about TPAY Coin Technology.
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