TokenPay is Asia-Pacific (APAC) Focused

The APAC region is embracing cryptocurrencies at a rapid pace. Exchanges
domiciled in this part of the world account for 27% of the market. This is
second only to European domicile exchanges. The number of APAC based
exchanges exceeds the North American count by a wide margin.

Market Data Supports Strong APAC Cryptocurrency Trends
Market data also provides reliable insight into the strength of the APAC region
as the logical choice for the first crypto-friendly bank. If users are segmented
by type of payment activities, the data indicates that money transfer services
are most popular in the APAC region. As well, B2B payment platforms are
mostly used by customers based in APAC and Latin America. Findings also
suggest that companies engaged in cryptocurrency focused activities
maintain a more international customer base. For example, the majority of
general purpose cryptocurrency platform activity is concentrated in APAC.
That consists of 37% of all user activity. Money transfer services are
predominantly APAC based, accounting for 82% of all user activity. TokenPay
is currently engaged with a bank in Vanuatu. This privacy driven country is in
the center of APAC geographic region.