TokenPay launches Official Website, Dashboard, Referral Program & more!

TokenPay, the world’s most secure coin, launched its official website on November 11th, 2017. The website summarizes the important aspects of the very detailed whitepaper the project has already distributed. It will definitely help thousands of expected cryptocurrency traders to consider adding TokenPay to their watch and buy lists. According to the website, the highly anticipated token sale starts on December 7th. 2017 at 10AM EST.

On the website, TokenPay unveiled its new explainer video, see below. The video helps to explain to interested crypto traders the advanced technology at the core of the TPAY coin and the vision and purpose of TokenPay.

Back to the website, one awesome feature is the amazing token sale dashboard that interested buyers can use to purchase TPAY coins and monitor the sale, their bonuses and referrals. Registrants can also grab their referral link, code, images etc., to help spread the word and earn huge bonuses during the token sale. You must register on the site to get all of these benefits, so register today!


But wait there is more! TokenPay also launched their official Twitter Promotion, which will last the duration of the token sale. TokenPay is giving away 5,000 TPAY coins valued at 2.5 BTC!

To enter this promo all you have to do is follow TokenPay on Twitter, retweet the promo post and then register for their token sale. It’s very simple, and you could earn multiple chances of winning by retweeting their promo post every day. Click here to go to their Twitter page and enter for a chance to win.

It was a busy weekend for TokenPay, many are already registering for the token sale and all signs point to TokenPay will be the coin to watch and buy this holiday season.

Sale ends Jaunary 17th, 2018. The earlier you buy in, the bigger your bonuses will be, so get in early!

See you all at