Verge Lead Developer is the TokenPay Blockchain Auditor 🔥

No doubt at this moment the hottest coin in the world right now is Verge. It is being heralded for its privacy features by John McAfee.

But did you know that TokenPay’s TPAY coin has the most advanced privacy features of any tokenever created?

Even more so than Monero and Zcash, which are two other privacy coins mentioned by McAfee as having “the greatest future.”

Here are just some of the TPAY security and anonymity features:

TOR Integration Privacy
Dual-Key Stealh Address
Zero-Knowledge Proof
Ring Signature
Encrypted P2P and Group Instant Messaging

Read more about this in our detailed whitepaper.

No other coin has ALL of these key features

The Lead Developer of Verge is a TokenPay Advisor and the Blockchain Auditor of the TPAY coin.

The TPAY token is the world’s most secure coin. To learn more about the technology behind it, watch this video below as Verge’s Sunerok explains how powerful and game changing it really is to privacy focused blockchain:

Verge Currency Lead Developer Sunerok is the TokenPay Blockchain Auditor. In this video he talks to TokenPay CEO Derek Capo about TPAY Coin Technology.