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With the ever-growing information surrounding the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency development, we at TokenPocket saw it needed to educate our users on the happenings, what users are most interested in, market price trending, recent developments surrounding different blockchains and other information which would be made available as you read along.

TokenPocket is a multichain wallet that provides access to Ethereum, BTC, EOS, IOST, and many others. Apart from supporting these different types of blockchains, users are also able to create accounts on them, both free and paid, depending on the blockchain requirement.

Today marking the 2nd of March, a lot of opportunities awaits us but this opportunity won’t be possible if the past did not happen. With that, lets quickly look at some of the happenings in the past week that caught our attention.



Bitcoin, a decentralized means of paying for goods and service with a market price that is controlled solely by demand and supply held good for a while until recently falling from the almighty 10k+ down to 8k+ where it presently stands, with different opinions going out if 8k will be the new low or we are yet to see more drop, users are always advised to do their own research before making any financial decision be it on decentralized platforms or what have you.

Lightnite, an upcoming battle royale based game is coming to the blockchain with the promises of players been able to earn the cryptocurrency Bitcoin while they play along, pre-order sales are currently live, with the game is one of the most talked upcoming Dapps surrounding the Dapp community, with no uncertainty yet, we can only hope the incentives and features been talked about is the real deal. You can check up on the game and learn more about them on

The mass adoption and awareness of bitcoin and cryptocurrency are still growing daily and one such place is the sub bitcoin community of Reddit. Lately, a user posted about bitcoin been accepted as a means of payment in his building which is located in Dubai, if that’s not creating awareness of the seamless payment bitcoin offers, I wonder what is. Reddit



Call it an alternate coin or what have you, Ethereum sure have seen its good days and with the different types of Dapps consistently been built on its chain, its no wonder why the price went up after hovering on the $100+ mark for a while, recently it price went all the way up to $260+ before dropping to its current market price of $220+, just as bitcoin, the Ethereum community saw a drop as well and with the same uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency space, one can only do their own market research and try to predict what the future holds.

Decentraland, a decentralized world built on the Ethereum chain was launched last week and alongside a treasure hunt was put in place where different types of prizes were won, ranging from different types of NFT’s to mana, the game token used for purchasing in-game items, names and what have you. The number of participants sure was overwhelming, some users were able to complete the total quest provided during the treasure hunt period and others got to see what Decentraland has to offer.

In terms of creating awareness about blockchain technology, Ethereum is totally dominating with the use of its ERC’s token and one of such is the creation of NFT’s, from digital paintings to game collectibles, users sure are having a blast time using this NFT’s and also earning by selling them to other users.



EOS, one of the most under-appreciated blockchains out there, after climbing to $4+ a drastic fall was observed, dropping the price from $4+ to its current price which is $3+ with many saying this is a good time to buy and others considering a further drop is yet to be seen. Well, whatever side you belong above, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any platform, be it digital or not.

Just as the Ethereum blockchain, EOS is constantly seeing new Dapps spawning up with some promising good investment returns and others not so much, one of such is the ongoing REX token built on EOS chains which allows it users to sell their unused resources to others and also withdrawable at any time the owner sees fit. This is one of the most profitable investment users of EOS blockchain is currently into.

Speaking of mass adoption to the crypto space, beta was recently launched and while it is limited to a certain part of the world, the talk of it being the next big thing to happen in the crypto space still echoes till today and many can’t wait to try Voice.

With that said, the past week was truly a blast and we hope to see new platforms come up this week.

Well this week won’t be complete if I didn’t mention the crypto teaching done by The Simpsons, yes you read it right, in case you are not aware, The Simpsons did an awareness campaign about cryptocurrency on one of their recent episodes and it is currently one of the most talked events that happened in cryptocurrency last week.

Written by OteMzI

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