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Dapps short for Decentralized applications, these are applications built on the blockchain with the purpose of providing a more decentralized environment as opposed to centralized applications we have been used to. Unlike centralized applications, decentralized applications don’t just provide a sense of freedom to its users but it also provides some sort of incentives to users who use them casually.

With the weekend fast approaching us, we at TokenPocket saw the need to list some of the Dapps we found to have a high number of daily users while also providing ways you too can take part in this Dapp with the help of TokenPocket wallet, be it on IOS device or Android, both devices are supported and updated to meet users standards.

For those just joining us or yet to become aware of what TokenPocket is, TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that gives access to different types of blockchains which includes but not limited to BTC, ETH, EOS, IOST, TRX, ATOM, and others. While it acts as a multi-chain wallet, it also provides means to access these Dapps built on the blockchains mentioned above. Follow us as we take a look into some of the Dapps that experience a high influx of users.

EOS Dynasty

Making it to the top of the list today is EOS Dynasty, built on the EOS chain, it provides users with a fun, educative and incentive environment where players have to battle through waves of monsters while crafting and gearing up with the best equipment available in the game. The battle outcome is mostly determined by the rarity of your items, in other words, players who craft the best items stand a higher chance of clearing more waves when compared to others who recently joined or probably have low-quality materials equipped. Since it launched, the dev team have implemented different features that give players more reasons to come online and also keeping the economic aspect of the game in good check, probably one of the most successful blockchain-based game available today.

To join the game you will need an EOS account and if you are not familiar with the EOS network, then download TokenPcoket mobile app and choose to create an account. Unlike other types of blockchain where accounts created are mostly free, EOS accounts require some certain resource to function and hence a little amount is needed to set-up the account.

After successfully creating or importing your EOS account to TokenPocket, download EOS Dynasty from https://eossanguo.one/#/home on startup, click on TokenPocket to link your EOS account with the game EOS Dynasty.


2nd on the list today is 888TRON and I must say, after using most Dapps, getting a gambling Dapp coming second is no longer a new thing as betting/gambling is most align with blockchain use. Taking full advantage of the smart contract feature, a feature that does not require human interaction for a result to be drawn as it simply watches the environment and makes a correct answer after inputting certain commands.

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract

888TRON is built on the Tron network and provides users with different games and a fair play system is a promise. To join the Dapp, download TokenPocket app, create or import a Tron wallet account and click on Discover menu from your asset page, navigate the Tron section to access 888TRON.

My Crypto Heroes

Coming out 3rd is My Crypto Heroes and I must say compared to other blockchain game being developed today, My Crypto Heroes is doing good for itself, while retaining most of its early users, they are also able to keep a good record of daily users compared to most blockchain-based games available today. My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is a turn-based battle game and while most blockchain-based games have their market and trade in-app, players are able to export their NFTS to 3rd party app like Opensea.

My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is built on the Ethereum chain and to get started, download TokenPocket app, create or import an Ethereum account, from your asset page, click on Discover, surf the Ethereum chain section and click on MCH to start your adventure today.


With centralized cryptocurrency not supporting most tokens built on a specific chain, coming up 4th today is Uniswap, a platform which provides liquidity to users who hope to exchange their earned Ethereum token be it from airdrop, quest or gift to Ethereum which can then be traded on other exchanges for BTC or possibly to fiat depending on the requirement, if you are the type that loves claiming airdrops, do well to check Uniswap and see if your earned airdrop is available there and also trade-able.

To access Uniswap, download TokenPocket, create or import an Ethereum account, click on the Discover menu from asset page, locate Uniswap or from the Discover page, click on the search bar and type in Uniswap


Speaking of exchange, it wouldn’t be fair if we fail to mention Newdex, coming on 5th position is Newdex, a decentralized exchange built on the EOS blockchain, it provides users an easy way to trade EOS tokens with others at a fair and easy price, service is available 24/7 and with a good customer service available to sort any misunderstanding you might have with Newdex.

For users who probably have some EOS tokens and wondering where to trade it, Newdex is definitely the best option for you, it is easily accessible and provide a familiar trading UI

To use Newdex, download TokenPocket, create or import an EOS account to the supported wallet, from your asset page, click on Discover and navigate to exchange, scroll down, Newdex is readily available there.


Last on today’s list is Opensea, the world largest market to trade crypto-collectibles and with the number of Dapps increasing daily, so also is the number of unique visitors using the platform OpenSea, from the game kingdomsbeyound to gods unchained, there is always an NFT available on Opensea that can be bought, listed or bid for.

OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain and to use OpenSea, download TokenPocket wallet available for IOS, Android, and PC, create or import an Ethereum account, click on Discover menu from your asset page and on the search bar look for opensea or you can browse for opensea.io via the search menu.

Records of Dapps usage was collected from Dapp.com

Written by Oteme Eghele

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