Tips for Wallet | Forget mode and all you need to know about it

Repetition is something no one enjoys doing, saying the same thing over is a term many might consider foolish, but what if your audience changes over time? Does that still count as foolish? Well, this post is made to educate those who are not familiar with the TokenPocket forget mode and also to enlighten those familiar but unable to use it or activate it.

The EOS blockchain is the dream blockchain but many won’t agree to this, probably because of the high CPU usage incurred when performing on-chain related activities but this was not always the case. Some few months back, you could perform lots of on-chain activities with just 20 EOS staked on CPU and at the end of the day, you never had to worry about renting more EOS or staking more CPU well up until now.

Like it or not, low CPU is becoming a rather troubling issue on the EOS chain and different types of solutions have been put in place to solve this to some extent, one involves Dapps running on the EOS been able to stake or rent CPU to cover their entire Dapp usage, this includes users not having to pay for CPU before they can use such Dapp, but little issue like sending out tokens is still left out.

This is where TokenPocket forget mode comes into play.

If you are not familiar with TokenPocket, it is a multichain crypto wallet that is able to store BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, IOST, ATOM, and many other types of cryptocurrency and not only does it acts as a wallet, it also acts as a Dapp gateway to different types of Dapps currently running on different blockchains which includes but not limited to Opensea, Prospectors, Gitcoin, and many others.

But as we all know, being able to access them is one thing and able to interact with them is another, this is where the Forget mode comes into play.

Forget Mode is a feature that was added to TokenPocket some months back to assist EOS users in need of CPU to complete or perform on-chain related activities at a low price.

Getting Started

As we said, TokenPocket is more than a wallet as it also acts as a gateway to Dapps. That said, Newdex is a Dapp exchange built on the EOS which can be accessible via TokenPocket wallet or via their very own App, to get the app, visit with your mobile device and a download option will come up. Although, today we shall be focusing on how to use Newdex via TokenPocket Discover mode.

Probably questions

Click the lightning-like icon and move the icon shown below to the right

Click on discover mode, on the search bar paste this

Written by OteMzI

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