TokenPocket Supports Bitcoin and DApps on Eth, EOS, Tron, IOST, and BOS, etc.

On the 1st of November 2019, TokenPocket announced their support for Bitcoin on the TP app. Before then, TokenPocket(TP) was majorly a portal to the world of DApps supporting over 2200+ DApps on EOS, Ethereum, BOS, Tron, Binance, IOST, Cosmos, etc, with their built-in DApp browser.

As a huge fan of the TP wallet, I was excited about this because I could now import my bitcoin account to TokenPocket and enjoy using it while accessing all the DApps on other chains and enjoying the superior UX of the TP app. I even wrote an article titled “How to create a bitcoin wallet on TokenPocket”.

There are many reasons why you would want to use your Bitcoin on TokenPocket. One of them is the instant swap on the TP wallet that allows you to seamlessly trade your bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies at a good rate with just a couple of clicks. The instant swap on TokenPocket is not exclusively for bitcoin. You could basically swap any other cryptocurrency like that on TokenPocket. If you prefer to see charts and bars, place limit orders and trade like a pro, TokenPocket supports a tone of decentralized exchanges and allows you to gain easy and secure access to them.

People interact with decentralized exchanges and applications every day because it meets their needs or because they just like to experiment and try new things. One of the problems that users have had to face is accessing DApps in a secure way. No one wants to put their private keys on every DApp or website. How can users tell which DApp to trust? How can they decide whether to put their private keys into a DApp or not?

TokenPocket takes off that burden and gives users a secure way to access any blockchain application. With the TokenPocket app installed on android, iOS and desktop, users could have access to any blockchain or any DApp in an easy way and without compromising private keys. TokenPocket itself does not take custody of user private keys. The private keys are stored locally(on the users' devices), physically isolating important data, processed by a three-layer encrypted algorithm, and sensitive information is never leaked.

In this post, I would introduce you to some DApps built on Eth, EOS, Tron, IOST, and BOS.


Ethereum is the first blockchain platform that enabled developers to launch decentralised applications beyond peer to peer digital currency. The image below shows some of the Ethereum DApps which are displayed on TokenPocket.

From games like Knight Story, Blockchain cuties, CryptoAssault, CryptantCrab, CardMaker, etc, to financial platforms like MakerDAO, Kyber, Compound, etc; and decentralized exchanges like IDEX; all Ethereum DApps can be accessed using TokenPocket.


EOS is the first public blockchain created with the EOS.IO software. It is the home to hundreds of DApps. Some of them migrated from Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms because of EOS superior capacity, ease of use, free transactions and fast confirmation times, etc.

The image below shows some of the EOS DApps which are displayed on the first page of TokenPocket app when using the EOS network.

Some of the top EOS DApps you would find on TokenPocket are BetDice, EOS Knights, Everipedia, HireVibes, EOS Racing, Prospectors, CryptoLegends, EOS Dynasty, FarmEOS, PRA CandyBox, etc. TokenPocket supports all EOS DApps.

It’s vital to note that TokenPocket started from the EOS blockchain. It has a token called TokenPocket Token (TPT) that runs on the EOS mainnet.

BOSCore/BOS, IOST, Tron, Cosmos, Binance, are other blockchains which TokenPocket supports. Some of the DApps on these blockchains can be found in the following images culled from TokenPocket desktop app.

A section of Tron DApps as seen on TokenPocket
A section of IOST DApps as seen on TokenPocket
A section of BOS DApps as seen on TokenPocket

From gaming to decentralized finance, the number of DApps in the world today is growing rapidly. Every day we hear of new VC investments, new ideas and new product releases. People are becoming more aware of the need for decentralization and DApps are gradually becoming more popular and part of our daily lives.

In a time like this, TokenPocket has positioned itself as an everyday solution for every person. The TokenPocket app is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to have a pleasant experience when using crypto. Whether your favourite DApp is on Ethereum, EOS, Tron, or BOS, TokenPocket enables you to access them in a secure way.

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