The Top 10 ICOs in 2017 & What’s in the Pipeline for Q1 2018

Kyle Gibson
Jan 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Here’s our outlook for the first quarter of 2018, compared to Q4 2017

*data for this post was compiled by Seline Jung.

Some crypto prognosticators have boldly predicted 2018 to be “the death of the ICO token,” as Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas put it. Others are not so gloomy, with some saying ICOs are actually heating up (especially in FinTech) and learning how to better comply with regulation.

We at Token Report prefer to let the numbers speak for themselves, so we’ve put together the top-level market statistics to know before you make your own bold predictions about what 2018 will hold for Initial Coin Offerings.

Delivering on that promise, our researchers put together this report on the pipeline of ICOs scheduled in Q1 2018, and for you to compare, ICO open / close / cancelled data for 2017. As a bonus, we’re also including the top 10 ICOs by amounts raised for both Q4 2017 and the full year.

If you want to share and discuss your takeaways from this data set with over 450 crypto investors, we’ll be doing just that in our Telegram group.

ICO Market Outlook for Q1 2018 and Q4 2017 Comparison:

Full Year 2017:*
Number of ICOs opened — 842
Number of ICOs closed — 537
Number of ICOs canceled — 110
Dollar amount closed — USD 6.403 billion
Number of deals opening per month (mean) — 70.2

Q4 2017:
Number of ICOs opened — 414
Number of ICOs closed — 297
Number of ICOs canceled — 38
Dollar amount closed — USD 3.330 billion
Number of deals opening per month (mean) — 138

Q1 2018 Pipeline:
Scheduled to open in January — 90
Scheduled to open in February — 38
Scheduled to open in March — 10
Number of TBDs (total) — 202
Number of deals opening per month (mean) — 44 (Q1 2018)

Top 10 ICOs by Amounts Raised, Q4 2017 and Full Year

Q4 2017:

  1. Hdac | $DAC | whitepaper — 258M USD
  2. Sirin Labs | $SRN | whitepaper — 157.7M USD
  3. PolkaDot | $DOT | whitepaper — 142.4M (The majority of this ICO’s funds are still frozen in a Parity Wallet because of the hack)
  4. Liquid | $QASH | whitepaper — 105M USD
  5. Comsa | $CMS | whitepaper — 95.3M USD
  6. Domraider | $DRT | whitepaper — 67.2M USD
  7. Worldwide Asset Exchange | $WAX | whitepaper — 65.2M USD
  8. Blockstack | $STX | whitepaper — 50M USD
  9. Naga | $NGC | whitepaper — 50M USD
  10. Grid+ | $GRID | whitepaper — 43.5M USD

Full Year 2017:

  1. Hdac | $DAC | whitepaper — 258M USD
  2. Filecoin | $FIL | whitepaper— 257M USD
  3. Tezos | $XTZ | whitepaper — 232M USD
  4. Sirin Labs | $SRN | whitepaper — 157.7M USD
  5. Bancor | $BNT | whitepaper — 152M USD
  6. PolkaDot | $DOT | whitepaper — 142.4M (See note above)
  7. Liquid | $QASH | whitepaper — 105M USD
  8. Status | $SNT | whitepaper — 100M USD
  9. PressOne | $966 | no whitepaper— 82M USD
  10. TenX | $PAY | whitepaper — 80M USD

*Note: EOS purportedly raised $700 million, but their ICO is still ongoing.

If you’re interested in any of these ICOs, or want to be the first to know about new ICOs in 2018, you should sign up for the beta of our product, Token Clarity. It’s a Telegram bot that allows you to “follow” tokens; any time we update the records for an ICO in our database, you get instant alerts, including updates to their whitepaper, whether the ICO has closed, if the coin is listed on an exchange, and more. Sign up here.

*Editor’s note: We’ve updated this post with new information, as ICOs that reported late or are newly discovered by our researchers are added to our database.

Token Report is an independent financial information service founded by Galen Moore and Peter Vessenes. Galen is a financial journalist with a background in startups, venture capital and launching news sites. Peter is a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and launched the first VC-backed Bitcoin company in 2011. He is managing director at New Alchemy, a boutique consulting and investment group based in Seattle, Wash., that is making a pre-seed investment in Token Report.​

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Token Report

We ​have ​built ​the ​world's ​largest ​database ​of ​verified ​information ​on ​ICOs ​and ​a ​network ​that ​is capable ​of ​covering ​every ​tokenization ​that ​emerges. Join the best-informed ​investors ​in ​the ​emerging ​cryptocurrency ​asset ​class.

Kyle Gibson

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Token Report

We ​have ​built ​the ​world's ​largest ​database ​of ​verified ​information ​on ​ICOs ​and ​a ​network ​that ​is capable ​of ​covering ​every ​tokenization ​that ​emerges. Join the best-informed ​investors ​in ​the ​emerging ​cryptocurrency ​asset ​class.

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