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It is now possible to lease WAVE balances into TokenSpeedNode nodes, earn revenue, help secure network waves, and improve the token wave’s ecosystem assets. Here’s how.

Installing wave nodes is very easy.
Leasing balance wave is a combination of the regular proof of ownership protocol. anyone can run the node and the number of blocks they generate — and the rewards they receive from transaction costs — are proportional to their network token ownership. The problem is that a smaller wave balance can be ignored or no cost because it rarely or never generates blocks.

Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) allows the formation of mining. Just as miners Bitcoin, etherium, zcash and others, the low-hashrate can join the pool and receive a share of each prize, the holder can rent out their Wave Balance to the full node and receive a share of the transaction fees received by the addition of their balance.
See the full list of Wave Nodes here.

For decentralization purposes, we recommend to apply your balance between multiple nodes and avoid leasing to the top nodes of the network.
Tokenspeed also limits the maximum of 5 million hired waves and shows some other nodes that we recommend.

Why leasing wave in tokenspeednode?

Tokenspeednode provides part of a scheduled weekly prize with an asset tokens of 0.2% — 0.5% of the number of waves rented in the Tokenspeednode pool per week and provides additional TSP.

What asset tokens will be provided?

From verified token assets at prices that are proportional to transaction tx revenue per week.
such as: WGO, WNET, OCL, WAGGER, SIMDAQ, REWARDMOB, MTNT, MER, MRT, and many others.

Why give bigger rent and where does the fund come from?

We do not think it gives a big reward reward, because we give the asset according to the amount of lease that is replaced with the token asset.
there is about 20% of advertising revenue that we will allocate to the TokenSpeedNode lease.

How to lease Waves in TokenSpeedNode?

With LPoS, anyone can run nodes but requires an effective balance of 1,000 WAVES or more. (This is a security feature, as it allows many small nodes to introduce vulnerabilities to the network.) Users of Ordinary Waves can lease their balances to nodes from lightweight clients, improve their effective balance and provide more network load.

Beta wallet: How to Lease your Waves.
Lite client: How to Lease your Waves.

LPOS Node TOKENSPEED address: 3P3ieYQxH98sWLskrPRNjpfnwrtsxBHHHZY

Leasing your balance is straightforward using the updated client. Select the ‘Leasing’ button in the main menu. Simply enter the Waves address of the node you want to lease your balance to, the number of WAVES you want to lease, and click ‘Start Lease’. You retain full control of your WAVES and can cancel a lease at any time.

Businesses and large WAVE holders will likely want to run a mining node to secure the network and benefit from the increased volume of transactions on the Wave. It’s up to them to offer a great deal to anyone who leases their WAVES to them! In the end we hope to have a competitive market for leasing, in order to maintain a strong and useful network.

When does TokenSpeedNode pool run?

we are currently running, but not yet open to the public.
after the TSP crowdsales ended.



The Creative Innovation in Cryptocurrency


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The Creative Innovation in Cryptocurrency


The Creative Innovation in Cryptocurrency

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