The project mission is to create a Creative Innovation at cryptocurrency and utilize the blockchain technology. There are many convenience in using tokenspeed that we will provide in providing safe, transparent and generating service. 
1. as a payment on advertising media that we prepare. 
2. as collateral in lease node to our pool 
3. forecast and event 
4. master vote

The world of advertising is now a very promising business for a long future either through online or offline media. Tokenspeed will set up an advertising platform that is easy to use by clients. The ads we prepare all relate to cryptocurency and are specific to all asset waves is up and running will start. This is in accordance with our mission, so all communities can get complete information about wavesplatform and all assets. Some of the ads we will prepare such as waves information, token assets, ICO ads waves assets, events and all news about waves assets . Especially for waves and assets that have been running we will provide the top info slot. Our team confident with this advertising will work because this media can be seen and in direct access by everyone. As we know waves platform users are very much spread around the world. They need detailed and complete information along with its assets. That’s the reason to create an advertising media to provide information especially wavesplatform and asset waves.

Pool LPOS waves mining is currently little and far from expectations of the waves platform, because of its lack of interest of leassors to lease their waves because of lack of information and knowledge in leasing and running nodes waves individually (not developers). We will provide information and learning online for those interested in running the node. Our pool lease node project will provide leassors with a planned percentage of 0.25% -0.5% per week of their leased waves in the Tokenspeed pool by distributing verified waves assets. pool nodes we will only limit the maximum of 5,000,000 waves to be isolated so that we can maintain our stability of expenditure, and maybe we will direct it to another small pool node that we input to our list of partners on the web and we will also run a new node.

We prepare forecasting and event projects from every ICO and events scheduled from each waves developer and assets where from planning our predictions do various activities such as ICO asset waves asset and others. Then we also provide event information which will be carried out surveys of the community. They are required to use tokenspeed to follow the forecasting and events that we prepare and give gifts in accordance with the community in participating in forecasting events and return tokenspeed them after completion of forecasting and event.

Master vote is the voting application system for various needs of voting. Master vote is customizeable. That’s mean Master vote is like platform for user to make their own vote system. Master vote will have a free version and premium version. The user just have an limited access at the free version. Premium Version has two different types of license, Profit Sharing system and full purchase. Now, Master vote not use decentralized but at future, Master vote will use decentralized and blockchain technology. Our team is doing a research about that because it depend waves platform technology