The Benefit of joining earlier

We launched our Presale On 23th of march 2018. So, let us tell you about the benefit of “early join”.

  1. You get more bonus

By joining faster, you can get more bonus with register on our website here. After you’re registered, you can get your bonus by following this steps.

2. You get more tokens if you join early

At the presale, you will get 500 TSP with just 1 waves. But if you contribute at the crowdsale, you only get 250 TSP on 1 waves. The opportunity is only at presale and crowdsale. Earlier you join, More tokens you have.

3. Greater opportunities of profit

By joining at the presale or crowdsale, that’s mean you have greater opportunity, Why?. Because, if you have 10 waves and you contribute at presake, you will get 5000 TSP. And if you joined with 10 waves at crowdsale, you only get 2500 TSP. That’s mean, earlier you join, more opportunities you have.

On future, The market will be evolving with us!.

For the details, let’s visit our website here

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