Tokenspeed Leasing Pool

For lessors that want to lease waves in the tokenspeed node pool must have at least 25 TSPs in their address then lease waves to the LPOS address we have set up to get reward transaction in the form of asset waves.

And for lessors who want to get their TSP they have to have 20000 TSPs in the address that will be given 0.25% every week from the amount of TSP ownership in the address and lease it waves in the tokenspeed pool.

The tokenspeed pool will cancel all lessors that do not have TSP in their address.

Tokenspeed pool will share waves to 10 lessors that will selected randomly every month.

Access or

Lease waves to the tokenspeed pool in the address: 3P3ieYQxH98sWLskrPRNjpfnwrtsxBHHHZY

Lease your balance directly using an updated client.

Select the ‘Leasing’ button in the main menu.

Click “Start”Lease and enter the address of waves node you want to rent your balance, the number of Waves you want to rent. Insert the tokenspeed address on “recipient” column.

Then, Click “Start Lease” Button. You have Full control of your lease. You can cancel your lease any time you want.


Beta Wallet

Lite Client