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A focus on Security: keeping the TokenTraxx community safe at the TRAXX token sale

TokenTraxx has now launched TRAXX, its highly anticipated utility token. The Token Generation Event happened on the 14th March with a proportion of the tokens being made available at a public sale on the 21st of March 2022. This sale will be hosted on via the Sorted Dealroom, a platform run by TokenTraxx partner SORS Digital Assets. For more information visit our token sale page.

The NFT landscape continues to thrive, but like all things in life, it does come with its fair share of challenges. Like any growing market, concerns pertaining to security are to be expected. In this article we take a look at the common ways in which criminals, hackers and scammers try to target online communities, and how the TokenTraxx community can stay safe in the lead up to the TRAXX token sale, and beyond.

Things to watch out for:

Password Brute Force Attacks & Hacks

A brute force attack is when a hacker gets hold of your email address and uses a machine to try every possible password in the text field of, for instance, your login details.


Two-factor authentication & strong passwords are a winning combination for protecting your wallets and investments but there are other things you can do to protect yourself.

Social Media

Phishing & other malicious attacks aren’t isolated to email, and there are myriad fake social media profiles for illegitimate versions of official projects that will target you with ads and ask for your details — always check for verification like a blue tick, and don’t connect your wallet to anything you don’t trust.


Check the account URL you’re on is one of our official ones:

Telegram specifically

Whilst Telegram is a great tool to grow a community or even help a business keep users and investors in touch with their highly anticipated events e.g. TGE, it is also the ideal and perfect door for spammers, scammers and trolls alike.


We’ll never proactively DM our community, so if you hear from someone posing as us first please block and report them.

Phishing Attacks & Scams

A phishing attack is essentially a cyber-attack that tricks users into giving away information including login credentials and credit card numbers or even tricking victims into clicking fake links or instant messages in order to steal data from the user.

For example, scammers tend to use bots on platforms such as Telegram to con users and investors into giving up their one-time passwords (OTPs) in order to lock users out of their account and ultimately steal their holdings. Similarly, scammers may even create fake websites, invite you to join different channels and begin sending you links to irresistible offers. Once you click on these fraudulent links, you may be redirected to a site that asks for your crypto wallet credentials.


Firstly, block and report these troublemakers. Let your community know and make the real moderators aware of these scammers.

Fortunately, platforms such as TokenTraxx are clear about their community guidelines. You can rest assured that anyone soliciting a coin exchange is not TokenTraxx but instead a malicious party. Remember, if an offer is sent your way and it’s too good to be true, it is most definitely too good to be true.

Group Spam & links to other ICOs

Whilst crypto-related advertising is banned on popular platforms such as Meta, Google or MailChimp, these trolls manage to slide their way to advertise via other popular platforms such as Telegram. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) channels tend to be targets of these types of attacks.

ICO spam bots tend to spam users by using their URL as a username. Even if they were to join and leave the community, their URL would be posted twice, creating exposure for these fake ICOs.


To protect yourself from these types of spam, report and block these URLs in the username.

To protect their users and the community, the TokenTraxx channel moderators are always on the lookout for links in chat, including usernames. This is to stop spammers in their tracks, effectively creating a safe space and a better experience for all.

Moderator Impersonators

A popular tactic used by these attackers is to impersonate community moderators. Similar usernames are used as well as bio text and profile photos. Unfortunately, this can lead to unsuspecting members falling directly into the hands of attackers, leading to suspicious requests and ultimately an unfortunate experience.


One way to spot fake moderators is to identify the lack of an admin badge which is grey. This badge can be found next to their posts as so:

Fortunately, not only does TokenTraxx tag all admins and staff in its community, it also guarantees no direct messages to anyone in the community. Please reach out to the team if you come across impersonators, the team is always looking to protect the community as best as possible.

Fake Smart Contracts

Crypto transactions are irreversible so never send anything without first verifying the contract address is legitimate.


Be sure the TokenTraxx contract address is 0xD43Be54C1aedf7Ee4099104f2DaE4eA88B18A249.

Fake Giveaways

If you see a giveaway promising to send you double the amount of crypto that you send to the contract address just avoid it, these are extremely risky and almost never legitimate.


Avoid these entirely.

TokenTraxx’s top priority is the safety and security of the community. The team is proactive at doing this and are very much engaged and in touch with the community, collectively building a safe haven for their community of creators, curators and collectors.

With regards to the security of their TGE and community, Founder & CFO, Brain Elders expressed his thoughts, stating, “Security is of utmost importance to the team and we are absolutely excited to be launching our TGE with our secure and safe partner, Sorted Dealroom. We want the community to know that we have measures in place to run the TGE as safely and smoothly as possible. Ultimately, our goal is to build a safe and fun community made up of creators, curators & collectors alike, and we believe the TGE will kickstart our vision to do just that.”

Get whitelisted for public sale

With security in hand, we encourage the community to get whitelisted for the public sale of the TRAXX token.

The TRAXX token smart contract was deployed on March 6th 2022 on the Ethereum mainnet. All tokens will are set to be generated and bridged to Polygon and made available for purchase by TokenTraxx partner Sors Digital Assets Limited (Sorted Dealroom).

If you are interested in being a part of the public sale, get ahead and preregister today by undertaking the whitelist process. By undertaking the whitelist process, you will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Rest assured no data will be stored by TokenTraxx, Sors Digital Assets Limited or any third parties. To get started, you can do so here:

You can also visit their website for more information or join the conversation on their community channels:


NOTE — Both the level of token ownership and the potential rewards and benefits of membership are subject to change. These benefits attach to membership which may be accessed by those who are token owners. They will not attach to the tokens themselves. All staking process and protocols will be effected by third Parties and will be subject to satisfactory compliance with all laws and regulations relating thereto.

The TRAXX token will be created on the 14th of March 2022 and made available to those who wish to participate in the TOKENTRAXX NFT MARKET PLACE. The Token Traxx token will be made available for purchase by SORS DIGITAL ASSETS LIMITED (SORS) which is registered as a VASP in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank of Ireland. SORS has not yet opened formal registration. Guestlist members will be informed by SORS as soon as registration is opened,

Token Traxx MusicLimited is not a regulated entity. Ownership of the tokens carries considerable risk and should not be contemplated by anyone who does not have specific knowledge of the use, purpose and transmission of tokens. This Press notification is not an offer to sell or promote the sale of tokens. TokenTraxx tokens will be unregulated and will not be sold as an investment. The sale of tokens when it occurs will be subject to satisfactory compliance with all laws and regulations relating thereto and to purchasers entering binding contractual terms. The use of the TokenTraxx platform and participation in the marketplace and use of the TokenTraxx token to engage with the functionality provided by the platform and marketplace will be subject to separate terms and conditions. TokenTraxx™ is the Trading Name of Token Traxx Music Limited registered in England under Number 13753129




The only NFT marketplace for the music community built by musicians. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks. Music is evolving. #OwnYourSound

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An NFT marketplace built by musicians for the music community. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks.

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