Exciting News — TokenTraxx announces Membership upgrade with enhanced benefits and easy access with card payments

TL;DR: TokenTraxx Membership — Exclusive perks for on-chain music creators and collectors. Streamlined access, hassle-free staking, exclusive release opportunities, monthly NFT subscription, discounted platform access, music streaming rebates, free merch, and up to 30% APY returns.

3 min readJul 14, 2023


What’s up guys?

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates about our enhanced membership scheme designed exclusively for on-chain music creators and collectors. Get ready for even more perks to elevate your experience with TokenTraxx!

Simplified Access: Upgrade your membership seamlessly with one-off card payments. Say goodbye to hassles and complicated procedures!

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Hassle-Free Staking: New to crypto? No worries! TokenTraxx handles the staking of $TRAXX on your behalf, making it super easy for you to participate. You’re in control!

Exclusive Release Opportunities: On-chain music minting is now exclusive to our members. Become a member and get access to add-ons to support your music release on the blockchain. Promote your music, collaborate on other platforms, and benefit from NFT advisory to make your release a success.

But wait, there’s more! As part of our commitment to providing you with exceptional perks, we’re thrilled to offer the following additional benefits:

  • Discounted Platform Access: Enjoy discounted access to platforms like Casperaki and ChartMetric. Amplify your reach and track your progress with ease!
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  • Monthly NFT Subscription: Platinum members, indulge in a monthly NFT subscription. Explore a curated selection of exclusive NFTs and support your favorite artists!
  • Free Merch for Platinum Members: Show off your TokenTraxx pride with free, exclusive merch. Stand out and be a part of something special!
  • Music Streaming Rebates: As a TokenTraxx member, enjoy rebates on music streaming and production expenses. We appreciate your talent and want to support you!
  • Up to 30% APY Returns: Earn attractive returns on your staked tokens with our revamped membership scheme. Let your membership work for you!
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We value each and every one of you, our incredible community of on-chain music enthusiasts. TokenTraxx membership is all about providing you with the best platform and experience possible. Thrive in the world of on-chain music with these enhanced perks!

Learn more about the upgraded membership scheme and seize these exciting benefits on our website:https://www.tokentraxx.com/about/membership

Join us on our incredible journey!

Keep grinding and keep collecting,

The TokenTraxx Team




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