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Introducing volstrate

The latest NFT drop to be featured on TokenTraxx is from artist volstrate. We take 5 minutes with them for a quick-fire Q&A.

volstrate’s collection “Tiny Tensions” is available to listen to and buy at

How would you define your style?

In musical style, volstrate aims to build vivid electronic synthetic soundscapes that challenge perception. Electronic sound synthesis is the foundation of volstrate’s style, and in this regard his influences could be said to be more Cologne school than Paris.

Tell us about your NFT collection on TokenTraxx.

Tiny Tensions is a collection of short, tension-inducing musical pieces that are paired with accompanying generative visual artwork intended to amplify the sensation. The outcome is that the consumer of the art is caught in a synaesthetic state of anxiety and agitation, unsure of their experience, and ultimately themselves.

What are your musical influences?

In music as in other artistic endeavours, volstrate is heavily influenced by colour, and volstrate employs a synaesthetic method to allow colour to inform the nature of his music. Volstrate eschews found sound and samples in favour of purely synthesized audio, and the 1970s Cologne school of electronic music has heavily influenced this approach.

What is it about NFT technology that you like?

volstrate believes that NFTs and blockchain will form the future underpinning of all humanity, or whatever humanity evolves into. Web3 enables creators and consumers to interact without the need for the arbiters and gatekeepers that dominate humanity’s current existence. Web3 sets artists, and humans, free.

How would you like to see the music industry evolve?

As humanity evolves into a superintelligent species with digital intelligence supplanting the need for a biological form, volstrate would like to see the music industry evolve to reflect the new paradigm, abandoning the dominant centralised governance structures of old in favour of a new, decentralised mode of operation where participants are liberated from unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiency.

What does Web3 mean to you?

Web3 means escaping arbitrary rules that artificially bind, extracting ourselves from the middlemen that tax, transcending unnecessary boundaries and fulfilling the ideal of decentralised collective decision-making that will fuel a golden age of human cultural and creative expansion.

volstrate’s NFT collection “Tony Tension” is available to listen to and buy on TokenTraxx, check it out over at

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