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The TokenTraxx Multi-Chain Approach

A look at the blockchain tech stack that powers the TokenTraxx ecosystem.

  • Zilliqa provides speed; low carbon footprint and strategic opportunity — for example metaverse experiences like Metapolis and a range of initiatives in e-sports & gaming.
  • Ethereum maximises the secondary market opportunity for high-value NFTs.
  • Polygon provides low gas fees that makes NFTs accessible, environmental friendly and seamless interoperability with the broader NFT eco-system.

The Roles of our Blockchain Partners




The Future

  • Cross-chain NFTs — so, for example, you can bridge your ETH Mainnet NFT to Polygon.
  • TRAXX tokens bridged from Ethereum and Polygon to Zilliqa.
  • Metapolis — TokenTraxx are in discussions with the Metapolis founders about strategic alliances to develop the Metapolis offering with a music service functionality powered by TT.
  • Future Music NFT standard — TokenTraxx has started deeper discussions with Zilliqa about co-developing a Future Music NFT standard for use in the MetaVerse, with a wider and deeper functionality than is currently available on any standard NFT protocol.

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The only NFT marketplace for the music community built by musicians. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks. Music is evolving. #OwnYourSound

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An NFT marketplace built by musicians for the music community. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks.