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TokenTraxx updates; public sale is now sold out! Here’s what you need to know

  • TokenTraxx Public Sale has now sold out on Sorted Dealroom!
  • The $100,000 TRAXX raffle for Sorted Dealroom public sale participants will take place on March 29th; tokens distributed on March 30th!
  • TRAXX will be listed on both Ascendex and BitMart! Info around deposits and trading times can be found below
  • TokenTraxx BETA marketplace launching March 28th, 1 week after the TRAXX token launch!

The long-awaited and highly anticipated TRAXX Token Generation Event (TGE) is now live! As such, the team thought it would be a great time to share with everyone some of the latest updates and guidelines such as what you should do prior to the event, what to look out for, partnerships and what to look forward to. To kickstart this article, let’s talk about:

Sell Out Launch

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the TokenTraxx Public Sale on the Sorted Dealroom has now sold out! We’d like to thank the amazing TokenTraxx community for their support, and the team can’t wait to have you all with them on this incredible journey!

Other exciting TokenTraxx developments can be found below:

Take part in the $100,000 Token Sale Raffle

To celebrate the TRAXX TGE, the team has decided to host a $100,000 TRAXX token sale raffle. TokenTraxx will be giving away $10,000 worth of TRAXX to 10 randomly selected participants each.

It’s quite simple, all you will need to do to participate in this raffle is:

  1. Get KYC verification and access to the TRAXX token sale whitelist
  2. Purchase $250 or more worth of TRAXX once the token goes on sale on Monday

All wallets with $250 or more TRAXX will be identified from the launch and placed into a raffle one week after launch on Monday, March 29th 2022. All 10 lucky winners will be selected and receive an airdrop of $10,000 in TRAXX the next day, Tuesday, 30th March 2022.

Good luck and don’t forget to HODL $250 or more TRAXX.

Latest Partnerships

TokenTraxx is thrilled to announce a partnership with AscendEX and BitMart, in the Joint Primary listing of the TRAXX token under the trading pair $TRAXX /USDT. In you weren’t able to fill your bags with TRAXX during the public sale, you’ll still be able to get the token on these two world-leading exchanges!

Details are as follows:


Deposit: March 18th, 1:00 am UTC

Trading: March 21st 6:00 pm UTC

Withdrawal: March 22nd, 1:00 am UTC


Deposit: March 18th, 6:00 pm UTC

Trading: March 21st 6:00 pm UTC

Withdrawal: March 22nd, 6:00 pm UTC

What to look forward to

TokenTraxx is proud and excited to announce the TokenTraxx BETA marketplace. This marketplace will open on March 28th 2022, a week after the TRAXX token sale goes live.

This beta will open access for the whale community to explore the platform ahead of the main launch later in the year.

Stay in the loop

As always, keep across the latest TokenTraxx news, visit our website to get on the guestlist to receive our newsletter and also join the conversation on our community channels:


Token Traxx Music Limited is not a regulated entity. Ownership of the tokens carries considerable risk and should not be contemplated by anyone who does not have specific knowledge of the use, purpose and transmission of tokens. This email notification is not an offer to sell or promote the sale of tokens. TokenTraxx tokens will be unregulated and will not be sold as an investment. The sale of tokens when it occurs will be subject to satisfactory compliance with all laws and regulations relating thereto and to purchasers entering binding contractual terms. The use of the TokenTraxx platform and participation in the marketplace and use of the TokenTraxx token to engage with the functionality provided by the platform and marketplace will be subject to separate terms and conditions.

TokenTraxx™ is the Trading Name of Token Traxx Music Limited registered in England under Number 13753129




The only NFT marketplace for the music community built by musicians. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks. Music is evolving. #OwnYourSound

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An NFT marketplace built by musicians for the music community. Create, curate and collect the hottest tracks.

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