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TokenTraxx’s Token Generation Event: The Event Which Could Change The Music Industry Forever

The first major milestone for TokenTraxx is on the horizon

by TommyD, co-founder of TokenTraxx

TokenTraxx is proud to announce the launch of the platform’s Network token, TRAXX, through a Token Generation Event (TGE) on 14th March 2022 — mass disruption for the music industry is incoming!

The TRAXX network token will be the lifeblood of the TokenTraxx platform. The token will enable a host of features o fuel the ecosystem, with the first being early access to TokenTraxx on the 14th March ahead of wider release.

To ensure you are first to have access to the TokenTraxx platform, sign up for the guestlist at, You will also be first for the latest news, updates, invites and more!

A Vision

TokenTraxx aims to forge a whole new way to create, curate and collect music through NFTs, enabling true creative freedom in music — something they are calling Music 3.0. Through the use of proprietary NFT technology, TokenTraxx will empower and transform artists to easily tokenise songs, albums, and merchandise — revolutionising the way fans engage with the artists they love.

The Founding Team

The TokenTraxx founding team consists of a number of experienced music industry leaders, including:

  • Tommy Danvers (TommyD), award-winning music producer and DJ, who has worked closely with some of the biggest names including Adele, & Jay Z
  • Miles Leonard, former Chairman of Parlophone Records/Warner Music
  • Richard Zijlma, who for 20 years ran the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the largest electronic music festival in the world
  • Tim Gentry, the former Global Revenue Director of The Guardian
  • Marco Bertozzi, formerly a Vice President at Spotify, who has recently joined the board of advisors

Together, with their collective experience in the music industry, working with some of the biggest names in music, they know what drives artists’ creativity. They also understand how the industry works, including its flaws, and their vision is to bring fresh innovation to reward people’s creativity fairly.

TokenTraxx will be releasing further detailed TGE announcements in the coming weeks to keep the community informed on their token’s and launch process. They are sure that many NFT, music and crypto enthusiasts are ready to jump on board and become a part of this music-loving community.

Get on the guestlist

If TokenTraxx sounds like the sort of place you want to be, join us on our journey. Visit our website to get on the guestlist for launch or join the conversation on our community channels:



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