Tokes Platform Newsletter, July 2018 — Mobile App, Vault Logic, & PaaS

Greetings Tokes Enthusiasts!

This month we have a number of points to discuss, particularly on the development front. Without further ado, let’s open with this month’s most exciting development, our brand-new mobile application!

Tokes Mobile Application

As many of you may have noticed on our social media, the Tokes Mobile Wallet is now available on both iOS and Google Play stores! We are pleased to have made it through iOS’s application review scrutiny so quickly! Both versions are available using the links below:

Keep in mind, this is considered an open beta version as we work through bugs, and you will see frequent updates to the software over the next few weeks. We encourage our users to reach out with feedback on the current version of the application. The development efforts around this app and the gorgeous user interface developed by our own Danny Floyd are spectacular, and you can expect a similar look and feel to the Merchant Gateway currently under internal testing.

The mobile wallet currently transacts Tokes and Waves, as we are a Waves asset. To our knowledge, this is the first third party Waves asset wallet to be listed in the iOS store. As we are proponents of the Waves protocol and all of the great developments the Waves team has been releasing as of late, as a gift to the community, we will be open sourcing the build of our wallet once we have a final stable release. In the interim, teams interested in having their own version of this wallet, reskinned for their token’s branding, please reach out to us at with your inquiry.

Vault Logic Integration

We are excited to announce that the initial Tokes integration into the Vault Logic kiosk has begun! Vault Logic produces one of the most full-featured cryptocurrency teller machines on the market. Currently supporting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Raven, and now Tokes, the Vault Logic machines are a unique offering in the cryptocurrency ATM space. First, they offer a number of cryptocurrencies — rare in the crypto-atm space — and second, they are self-balancing! For example: if a machine has an excess amount of cash within its vault, the machine will pay a premium to users selling crypto for cash, in order to reduce the cash load of the machine. Conversely, a machine that is low on cash will discount the price of cryptocurrencies at that location in order to increase the cash stores of the machine. This along with a number of additional features makes the Vault Logic kiosks a unique offering in the cryptocurrency space, and we are excited for their deployments over the coming months.

We will be assisting in obtaining these placements of the kiosks at brick and mortar businesses in our home base of Las Vegas, particularly within dispensaries for the purchase of Tokes to be spent in exchange for cannabis products!

Money Transmission and Compliance

On the licensing and compliance front, we have been actively pursuing money transmitter licensing in the state of Nevada and have engaged with an agency to develop our compliance policies around money transmission. While it is not required to hold these licenses to facilitate cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency transactions, our end goal is to provide entry and exit points from fiat to crypto as easily as possible for our users. This could enable our ability to provide a number of services; purchasing of cryptocurrency by the end consumer in fiat, sale and settlement of cryptocurrency to fiat for the business, or bank custodianship of funds.

An obvious goal is to create larger ecosystems of cryptocurrency (Tokes) users among businesses within the cannabis industry. However, there still needs to be easy entry and exit points for users of our software solutions in and out of fiat. General adoption of cryptocurrency fundamentally needs easy, frictionless user experiences — and while historically there was a certain technical savviness required to transact in cryptocurrency — this is cannot be the case in the next decade if we are to ever see average consumer adoption of crypto. For this reason, we are developing the most frictionless solutions possible in our suite of applications, and obtaining the requisite licensing to operate within the jurisdictions we serve. We will have more details about this progress in the coming months.

Platform as a Service (Paas)

Lastly, a new offering of our team is Platform as a Service (PaaS). Much of our developers’ work over the past weeks has focused on building development, operations, and deployment environments with high availability. The end result is that we now have a robust integration of software development infrastructure with a fair amount of headroom for new software integrations. We will soon be offering this PaaS to small development teams, preferentially to those within the cryptocurrency space, particularly if the development allows for integration of TKS into their software suite.

Our soon to launch updated website will have an application for teams who wish to join our ecosystem, whether for the PaaS benefits or for direct integration of TKS into their applications.

Keep an eye out for the new site within the next month!

Until next time…

Here’s to something new. Here’s to the revolution.

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