Engage with your community through Tok’n’talk

Since some time we are working on features allowing influencers and community managers to better engage with their crypto communities and create a good environment for growth and quality discussions. Below we tried to capture a couple of them highlighting why Tok’n’talk is a perfect platform for communication with your token crowd.

Token Clubs

There are many tokens each with different and unique community to engage with.

There are many tokens, each with a different and unique community to engage with. There are already over 50 communities explicitly supported on Tok’n’talk that you can choose from. Each token can be treated as a separate community and have slightly different needs.

There are over 100.000 tokens already deployed on Ethereum, and all of them have hidden clubs that you can discover and start a conversation in.

New community?

You can always create your token (we can help) and start your own club where people will discuss particular topics chosen by you.

Keep up with the news

You can see Reddit and Twitter feeds on club page.

We’ve added Reddit and Twitter feeds inside Tok’n’talk so that you follow the latest news from official channels and keep up with all the projects you belong to.


Fun and memorable

We all know that it’s far easier to remember cute cats than an arbitrary set of characters. That’s why we use logos to identify brands, companies, and people.

Now you as an influencer can use memorable characters as your avatars in every channel you use for communication.


Identification is essential, but in the current world, it’s not enough. Ability to verify the source of information is key to guarding yourself against scammers and phishers.

On Tok’n’talk people can verify that they are reading messages which came from this character owner and not some impersonator.

Different personalities

You can use different avatar depending on situation and community

Depending on the situation or a topic you may want to use slightly or vastly different personality. Imagine that you communicate with two different groups of people in different contexts. They know you and value your opinion but ten to react better to messages written in specific ways.

You can use different avatars in those situations, and match message and character which works best for a given audience.

Sell token when it’s time to move on

Not all work is for life. People change. Their interest and situation change. Moving on from your internet persona can be hard, you’ve put so much work to build your audience and position that it’s hard to let it go, and it isn’t that simple (or legal!) to sell your Twitter or Reddit profile.

With NFT tokens you can just sell them as any other token you have and all the right to your distribution channels will move to a new owner.

More so your audience will be able to help you with the transition, and since the process is transparent, they will be more likely to welcome a new character owner.



Tok’n’talk gives you the ability to share your discussion threads with the whole internet using so-called permalinks. They look like this:


Verified Images (Work In Progress)

We’ve even added an ability to share images so that everyone can verify that message in the image indeed was signed by the NFT owner. This functionality got lost during some refactoring work, but we are bringing it back to Tok’n’talk.

The images look like this:

Owner of Kitty #127 wrote this message now long after he bought the kitty for 140.000$ !


We’ve implemented couple ready to use monetization mechanisms you can use to fund your operations as an influencer.

Send tokens button

Anyone can send you tokens ETH/ERC20 using “Send tokens” button. We will expand this functionality with messages attached to payments, making payments in the name of your character and notification for the receiver so that he/she know you’ve sent them tokens.

Supporters Box

Anyone can already support you using “Supporters box” mechanics, each time someone pays you ETH using supporters box their avatar goes up in the ranking of your supporters and are displayed higher on your profile. One one hand this is monetization for you, and on the other, your fans are visible to the public and can benefit from it.

To the community as a whole, this process is transparent, and they can track how popular you are with supporters and how is the most supported person on the whole platform or in a given token.

Step up your game

Zapier (Join beta!)

We’ve developed beta integration with Zapier where your posts and replies can be redirected to all applications supported by Zapier like Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, etc.

Join our beta with the link below:

Tokenized Threads (Work in progress)

Soon you’ll be able to receive passive income for your contributions to various discussion threads on Tok’n’talk. This will be chance for any influencer to animate quality discussion inside token communities and build their reputation and monetization.

Read more at https://tokntalk.club/threads and https://medium.com/@patrykadas/receive-ether-for-quality-answers-50179c30ce28

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