Tok’n’talk ❤ Discord — create token ownership based channels

We are experimenting with new Discord integration.

Users of Discord will have the ability to join channels where write permission is granted only to given token owners.

Discord server admins will be able can invite Tok’n’talk bot which, in its initial version, will create roles and channels tied to user token holdings.

Those channels initially will be tied to only one token and will have a predefined structure, but in the future, this can be customised.

Let’s see this on an example

This is a screenshot of our internal discord server where we’ve invited Tok’n’talk bot.

I’ve asked the bot to add support for contract 0x06012c… (CryptoKitties) to this server.

The bot created a new channel for 0x06012c… owners and added new roles to people owning CryptoKitties tokens.

We’ll be working to expand this functionality further, and we’re looking for people who want to be our beta testers.

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