Tok’n’talk Features Recap

All right, it’s time for the recap of all the features we’ve added recently and that were already implemented in Tok’n’talk.

Let us start with the most basic ones, and we’ll go to more esoteric as we progress.

Posting messages as Address or NFT

The first and most important feature of Tok’n’talk is communication. Posting messages is one of the fundamentals of internet communication.

In blockchain space where all things are cryptographically signed, messages are no exception. We decided to require signed messages to provide verifiability and identification. Now users who are interested in reading your message can be sure that it’s really you who wrote them (except stolen private keys).

Always using your address as identity is the default for many projects but it doesn’t give you as much freedom of expression as using more humane means of identification. That’s why we decided to add the ability to use your NFTs as avatars. Your “Personas”. With NFTs you are able to create new personalities tied to the particular interest of yours or group of people you communicate with.

Additional benefits of using NFTs is that they can be a representation of your past achievements. I can easily imagine special NFT that was given only to winners of some contest. Using this NFT would gain you instant recognition and reputation inside the community of this contest.

Posting with NFT tokens

Posting to anyone

Tok’n’talk is using Addresses and NFTs as identities, that information is public and accessible to anyone. With this, you can write messages to anyone even if they didn’t visit Tok’n’talk in the past.

Your message will be waiting for them, and when they come to visit, we will notify them that you wrote to them.

Still waiting for Pawzilla to discover Tok’n’talk


Each address can access a particular feed of messages directed to it or replies in threads he participated in. This way it’s easy to keep track of what was going on that directly relates to your activity on Tok’n’talk.

You can access thread by clicking ‘permalink’. It will open modal with whole conversation.

Token clubs

Along with simple posting messages we provide more exclusive groups for public conversations called Clubs. Each Club is directly tied to given ERC20 or ERC721 token, and only owners of this token can post messages inside the Club.

Clubs are like public message boards with limited posting address. You can create your own club by creating a new ERC20 token, and it will be instantly supported on Tok’n’talk.

Each token released on Ethereum mainnet is already supported and waiting for their members to post the initial message.

I picked this token at random from Etherscan Tokens page.


Apart from Clubs, we provide different views on all messages posted on Tok’n’talk. Right now we have ‘Active’, ‘Popular’, ‘New’ which provide different sorting mechanisms based on social signals.

We will expand on those providing more feed types such as:

  • Messages from addresses which made at least 10 transactions in last week
  • Messages from addresses holding > 1000ETH for at least 6 months
  • Messages from addresses owning > 1000 NFT tokens of given kind (or all kinds)
  • Etc. We are able to combine all blockchain signals like transactions and events and use them in sorting/ranking mechanisms.

Personal Feed

An example of customised feed in ‘My Clubs Feed’ aka Personal Feed which combines all messages from clubs that you belong to (you hold the club token)

This feed provides more or less the same experience as Facebook or Twitter feeds where you only see messages from your social circle. This is just your economic circle. I would argue that in many cases this economic circle and messages from your economic friends are more important to you.

It’s important to keep track of what your fellow token holders are posting

Profile Page (Address or NFT)

Ok, enough with message posting. Let us focus on you. Yes you, I mean your address, because on Tok’n’talk it’s the most basic identity. And you can have many of them.

My profile page


The first and most crucial tab of the profile page is its messages feed. It allows you to overview all the messages posted as this address or as NFT token.

NFTs (Address only)

NFTs tab shows all collectible tokens this address owns and can use as it’s avatars.

You can use this view to get an overview of how involved in the NFTs space this address is. Some of the address’es have more than 1000 collectibles (though sometimes only of one type)

Clubs (Address only)

This is a list of all token clubs given address have access to right now.

In essence, this is a list of tokens this address hold. (We are in the process of implementing, balance and transaction history information so that you can better judge on how involved this address is with given token)

You can also use this view to have an overview of the involvement of this address in the crypto space. You may even surprise yourself by looking at your clubs and discover tokens you didn’t know you had (I was surprised at some of mine)


So far we’ve talked about features giving you the ability to explore and discover new information and tokens. Now, let us go into a more economic territory.

Supporters are a concept similar to Patreon, they provide a way for you to send tokens to support given cause/individual. In blockchain world where you do not necessarily know the person (or care to know), but you are interested in helping their efforts you can use their address or NFT profile page, send them tokens and be recorded on their ‘Supporter’ page.

This also has a side effect that your NFT or address can be discovered by others interested in this cause/individual.

(We take 10% commission out of every support payment)

Captain Barbossa is quite popular as he was the face of Tok’n’talk for quite some time.

Apart from supporting your favourite cause and being visible to others interested in it, there is an additional benefit of being a supporter:


Airdrops refer to sending tokens to a group of addresses, not as a payment or a part of some transaction but only to distribute the token. Some companies even created token airdrops to promote their brands. This is why you can have tokens you didn’t realise you had.

Now Tok’n’talk also have Airdrop feature. In microscale though. We didn’t want to provide full-fledged Airdrop functionality, but at the same time, we wanted to provide a way for individuals to send tokens to their supporters.

That’s why we’ve limited Airdrops to 5, 10 and 20 top supporters.

Together with “Supporters” and “Token Creation”, those features can be combined into a small-scale crowdfunding mechanism. I’ll write more on this in the next posts.


Ok, going back to information discovery. If you want to redirect people from Tok’n’talk to your classic social media accounts, it’s best to set up social links.

You not necessarily need to use your own profiles. It’s just a convenient way of saying “You can find more information about me/this on…”.

Send Tokens (Address only, not your address)

One of the features we’ve added recently is an ability to send tokens to addresses from their profile pages (Yes, theirs not yours).

If you want to send tokens to someone just got to their profile page (Address not NFT) and got to “Send Tokens” tab.

You will be presented with a list of all your NFT tokens, and ERC20 tokens too choose from. That’s it, just click ‘Send’ under any NFT, and you’ll send it away.

We are working on notifications and providing a way to attach a message to sending tokens so that the person receiving can get notified with a meaningful message instead of transaction address alone.

Origin (NFT only)

This feature is visible only on NFT profile. It embeds original NFT page inside Tok’n’talk. You can check with it “native” view provided by project owners.

We want to work with NFT projects to provide embeddable pages for their characters so that experience is more seamless for the users.

This pattern on embeddable pages could be used all over the web where NFT are used to provide native experience and access to features normally inaccessible to external interfaces.

So If you are an owner of NFT project let us know if you want to cooperate on this ;)Ok enough with the profile page, let’s dive a little bit deeper into Clubs.


Clubs, as I wrote above, are tied one-to-one to tokens. Each token has it’s own Club and each Club is tied to a given token.

The most important feature of clubs is that only messages from addresses holding the token will be displayed on club pages. That’s why sometimes when you view messages from a perspective of main feed (all messages) they have more replies than the same message seen from inside a club.

All messages perspective
CryptoKitties Club perspective

This “Perspective” mechanism allows from one hand for all people to participate in conversation but on the other give you ability to view messages only from people with “skin in the game” in given token.

This is just a simple example of what is possible (and what we will work on).

Next step would be to provide perspective inside the club so that you will be able to view message only from people holding the token for at least 6 months (HODLers view) or that are doing transactions systematically (Traders view).

There are interesting implications when one uses economic behaviour information for filtering, but this is not the place to start this discussion. Let’s got further.


Currently, we provide you with 2 club/token discovery views. “Most popular” which take into account number of messages inside a club while sorting, and “Newest” which is taking time of latest post into account.

First 4 clubs of every list are displayed as featured on their list view.

Here as well we will add much more view based on economic activity. One of the views will be “Market Cap” which will take into account latest transactions with given token and sort clubs based on their market cap.


When going to Club main page, the first view is a list of messages shared among this club token holders and targeting this club community.

One of the features of NFT clubs is that they require you to use NFT token to write with inside them.


We also provide links to all the resources connected with given token, their project pages, twitter profiles, exchanges, video channels, discords etc.

If you know of some link that is missing from club page, let us know by posting inside this club, and we will add the link.

Active Members

It is a list of Addresses of NFT which posted messages inside given club in last 7 days.

Members Social Links

The “In media” tab provides you with a way to discover classic social media link connected with owners of given token. Every time someone sets a social link on their Address or NFT profile page this link can be discovered through Clubs pages they belong to.

CryptoKitties Intagram collection is quite impressive.

Create your own Token/Club

Now that you know what Clubs provide consider creating your own. It’s quite easy. We implemented a simple form which will generate an ERC20 token with data you supplied.

Creating your own token is easy.

We take 1% commission in your token and give you instant access to your new club page.

You can create tokens for anything you want. Your friends’ circle, events you organise, a project you want to start, etc. (Remember to protect copyrights, it’s better to create tokens for the thing you own or initiatives you are part of)

We’ve created “ Beginners Token” this way and we are sending it to all new users of Tok’n’talk so that they can experience Clubs and all the things they provide.


Time for some features not related directly to any page of Tok’n’talk.

Instant Wallet

If you are using Metamask or other wallets, you probably didn’t notice this, but we are allowing standard browsers users to use Tok’n’talk by generating a new pair of keys for each user without a wallet. This way users can experience Tok’n’talk, post messages and receive token and after they are ready, they can switch to a better wallet.


Also not widely known is our Zapier integration. You can connect your address or NFT and pass messages that you write to all external services integrated with Zapier.

We are currently looking for Beta testers you can sign up at:


We wrote about our prototype Discord Bot some time ago.

It allows you to maintain token-channels where only owners of given token will be able to write. The bot automatically keeps proper permissions even if someone sells or buys tokens.

Similarly to feeds and clubs, possibilities of additional filtering are only bound by information stored on the blockchain. If you would want to maintain access to your discord via ERC20 token (or similar smart contract), it’s possible and isn’t too hard to do.

Verifiable Message Images

This is old feature ported from cryptopurr. The idea is that the only way to share verifiable information is by images with embedded verification information. our attempt at this is by embedding QR codes inside the image.

Buy Tokens Page

We also want to provide an aggregate page of all ways you can buy/acquire tokens.

Off/On-chain Message Transports

This feature is with us longest. The initial implementation of CryptoPurr (precursor of Tok’n’talk) contained the ability to post a message through Etherum mainnet, Ropsten testnet, Rinkeby testnet, Kovan testnet.

We’ve kept this ability in Tok’n’talk, but after introducing HTTP transport, we saw that nobody cares about keeping those messages decentralised. The default transport in Tok’n’talk is set to HTTP because of its simplicity and usage, but you can still switch to onchain transport in the sidebar.

This also is the default message transport in Airdrops which require that message be part of Airdrop transaction.

That was quite a list, but it’s only the tip of an iceberg regarding what is possible. Next is a short list of things we will be implementing in the future.

Coming up next

Send tokens with message

This is quite simple. Sometimes when sending tokens, you want to notify the recipient with a meaningful message. We want to provide a simple mechanism of attaching a message to token transfers and notification mechanisms for recipients.

Club Activity/History

By activity, we understand blockchain activity. History of token transfers, new NFT’s being created, burns, events, etc. We will be able to include custom events from contracts, but we will start with most standard ones.

Address Activity/History

Similarly to previous, this is blockchain activity of a given entity. In case of address, it will be transfers which originated from it or are directed at it, contract calls, etc.

NFT Activity/History

Ownership history, composible transfers, custom events from NFT contract etc.

Clubs Market Cap

Clubs page requires some work, and one of the additions we envision is providing more economic information and rankings. One of them is Market Cap of given tokens, ERC20 and/or NFTs.

Token Marketplaces Integration

Ability to trade with your tokens is one of the fundamental ones in blockchain space. Although Tok’n’talk is focusing on social aspects of tokens, we will provide simple integration with 0x/OpenSea/Others so that you don’t have to think where you can trade your tokens and just trade them on Tok’n’talk.

Browser Notifications

This will extend the current notifications page. We will add the ability to enable browser notifications for those users who want to be notified when something happens on Tok’n’talk (like receiving token transfer or new message).

Incoming Transactions Notifications

We would notify addresses that received a new token transfer and display a message if it was attached to it.

Token Rankings For Messages

At first, we will add simple economic rankings for HODLers, Traders etc. and we’ll create more complex views as we progress.

Wallets Gallery

New users who have no knowledge on good Wallets out there will be able to access Wallets Gallery where a more experienced user will be able to vote on best wallets for given tokens.

Performance Improvements

General improvements to stability, speed, usability of Tok’n’talk.

Testnet Clubs/NFTs

This is a feature requested by developers of projects which use testnets for their tokens implementations but still would like to communicate with their beta testers and get feedback.

That’s it for the recap. Thank you if were able to read through all this text. Kudos!

As always you can reach us at: