Tok’n’talk — the easiest way to join crypto community

Have you ever wandered: “Ok, this crypto stuff is on, how do I start?”

I’m sure you did. You searched the web and read forums but all the people there tried to sell you something. All you heard was, got here and there verify yourself and buy tokens. But then what? you have tokens, some of them do something and some of them are just sitting there waiting. Not much fun right?

There is an alternative. You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to install anything. You don’t have to signup anywhere. Nothing.

Just go to and start asking questions, just like that.

Ask questions about tokens you are interested in and verify that the answers you receive are form people involved in those tokens.

Engage with the community
Verify if people who are answering are really involved

Yes. You can do that. When you receive reply to your message you can got to this person profile page and check which tokens he/she owns. This way you’ll be able to pay attention only answers from people involved in crypto space and not some random people.

Under the hood

For those of you interested in how this works. We are generating new private/public key pair and storing it in browser local storage.

Not very secure, I know. But the idea is to provide people with simple way of experiencing this new world and slowly move them up in the security ladder, introducing them to browser/mobile wallets, key recovery and hardware wallets. But during their journey always providing them a way of asking questions and seeking help from experienced people, in a way that they can verify it.

We’ll be providing a way of importing your “browser” private key to normal wallets and we’ll be kindly asking (forcing) people that received tokens to their insecure wallets to move immediately to safer solutions.