is live!

Tok’n’talk is a social platform for token owners. Explore token oriented communities. Grow your characters and earn rewards from your supporters.

Start using your tokens *:・゚✧

Yes! You can now engage with other token holders and discuss your favorite ideas and projects.

We are really proud of what we were able to accomplish with this release and excited to share with you our product. For more details you can check our last article.

Things you can do with your token at Tokntalk:

List of features that are waiting for you at Tokntalk:

1. Post with your address or supported NFT. Like and reply.

2. Switch between different personalities

3. Be sure that each messages comes from a particular token holder

4. Post inside a particular token community

5. Track messages inside your communities, so you never forget which tokens you have ;)

6. Support your favorite characters and community leaders and be supported.

7. Discover token communities based on off-chain and on-chain data. Add your own token to!

8. Protect your attention with our Attention Guard™. Only people actually holding given token can post on the community page.

9. Seeing helpful links and interesting connections

Make your NFTs legendary!

This is only a beginning. A lot of features are still in progress and we’ll be rolling them out systematically. You can expect more tools for project owners (Q&A, polls, monetization options), token holders (better filters and discovery, custom monetization) and future token creators (templates, out of the box integration, simple token deployment, etc.).

If you want to track our progress you can check out the code at Github or our ideas at Tok-n-Talk-Product-Design page.

We want as much feedback as possible! You can reach us at:





The whole team worked really hard to achieve this. I want to publicly thank them for their effort and dedication.

Patryk, Kuba, Maciej, Karol, Kasper

Thanks You! You guys rock!