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The Leading Indonesian Cryptocurrency Exchange, Tokocrypto Announces OGN Listing

Jakarta, March 16, 2020Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s leading government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, announced that Origin tokens (OGN) are now available on its trading platform. OGN is available for trading immediately with supported trading pairs in OGN/IDR.

Origin Protocol is a blockchain technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley which was founded by experienced entrepreneurs Matthew Liu and Josh Fraser in 2017. Their mission is to enable peer-to-peer commerce where buyers and sellers can transact directly in Origin’s main market without intermediary and no transaction fees. Currently, the Marketplace Origin Application is also available in Samsung’s Blockchain wallet.

Origin Co-Founder, Matthew Liu, said: “The listing on Tokocrypto is an important part of Origin’s global expansion strategy and reflects their ongoing commitment to working with strong regional partners around the world in order to bring peer-to-peer commerce to the masses”.

“Indonesia is a large market that has a strong blockchain community, and Indonesian people also have a strong interest in cryptocurrency. With the presence of OGN at Tokocrypto, Indonesian traders and potential token holders will be able to easily trade OGN with guaranteed safe storage and competitive trading costs,” Liu added.

“As a form of commitment, Tokocrypto always conducts a strict selection of the coins we will trade, including whether they fall within the BAPPEBTI requirements. And we are proud to announce the presence of the Origin Token at Tokocrypto,” said Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto.

At Tokocrypto, users can make daily withdrawals of up to 40,000 OGN with a minimum withdrawal of 5 OGN. Each Origin withdrawal will be charged fee of 3 OGN.

At present, the Origin Token is in the top 350 coin market cap with a daily trading volume of more than US$ 30 million, or equivalent to more than Rp440 billion.

About Origin Protocol:

Origin’s mission is to enable true peer-to-peer commerce. Using Origin, buyers and sellers can meet and transact directly without any intermediaries. Today, users can buy and sell goods and services on Origin’s flagship marketplace app and partner apps. Marketplace operators can create their own peer-to-peer applications that implement Origin’s open-source standards. The Origin Token (OGN) is an important component of the Origin platform, acting as an incentive mechanism to ensure the health and growth of the network while giving Origin’s users stakes in the network.

About Tokocrypto:

Tokocrypto Digital Exchange is the first regulated digital asset exchange and one of the leading fiat-crypto exchanges in Indonesia. Established in 2017, Tokocrypto was born from a crypto fan group with a strong belief in the benefits that blockchain technology offers to the public. Tokocrypto aims to do this by providing customers with an easy, simple, instant, and secure platform to transact with confidence. Tokocrypto is also a hub for education and news on blockchain technology through close collaboration with Indonesia’s blockchain communities, universities, the public, and the Indonesian government. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on Tokocrypto, join our Telegram and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.



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