Test Engineering at Scale

On 19th Feb 2019, Tokopedia in association with ISQA organized their 28th Tech-a-Break event at Tokopedia Tower. The uniqueness of this event is that it exclusively focussed on Test Engineering at Scale. The event was kicked off with a keynote by Rajesh Gopala Krishnan, AVP Test Engineering Tokopedia and opening the floor to two amazing engineers Harries Efrika, Tokopedia and Buddy Arifin, Bizzy

During the past six months, QA engineers in Tokopedia have been on a transformational journey sailing towards Test Engineering. So far the journey has enabled us in areas of Functional and Performance test engineering across the organization. The current North Star of Tokopedia’s Test Engineering reciprocates an industry trend of digital transformation.

Our first speaker Harries Efrika’s session focused on “ How to create and manage performance test”. 
 He gave an overview of the performance test, performance automation, and reporting. He also explained how automated performance test can cut down manual effort, bring down testing costs and produce more objective result.

Our second speaker Buddy Arifin’s session focused on “ How to do testing in DevOps “
He explained how testing can be made powerful and seamless by enabling Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. These integration tools help run tests automatically after developer builds the codes. It not only makes test execution easier but also ensures every piece of code is well tested before promoting to production.

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Enthusiastic from the participants on Tokopedia Test Engineer Tech a Break

You can watch the event here:

Caterpillar of Performance Engineering — Haries Efrika
Testing in Devops — Buddy Arifin