Communication: Make It, or Break It

On 28th of September 2017, I had the chance to speak at the 2nd ProductTank Jakarta event. The theme of this 2nd meetup is about communication in the context of product management and development.

Being a product owner/manager means that you need to somehow master the techniques on how to communicate your ideas, vision, concerns, or anything to all of the stakeholders.

For me, communication is about understanding each other. How? First thing is you need to listen properly what your partner’s is saying. Then next, deliver the message you want share, clearly.

It is a very important element in creating a better and meaningful relationship with your colleagues. It can drive a product becoming successful, or otherwise break into pieces.

The talk was mostly about various experiences I had working in a product team at Tokopedia. There are four main topics:

  1. How we structure our organization since the beginning until today, in the purpose of achieving better communication. Starting from one single team, until now adopting Spotify’s tribe system.
  2. How the team and the management communicate company’s vision & mission. The company has the grand vision that will influence each tribe’s mission.
  3. How to communicate with: Product Owners, Designers, Engineers, Business & other teams. Different roles different communication approach, designers mostly visual, engineers mostly logical.
  4. Communication techniques and tools that works for me (and hopefully works for you too!). My top two favorite: MindNode and Basecamp FTW.

Here are the slide deck from my presentation, hopefully you can find it useful for your self/organization:

Feel free to reach me if you have some great ideas for collaboration, or if you just want to say, “Hi!”: