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13 Japanese FinTechs presented at FIBC

The award winners (both domestic and international) at FIBC2018

The Financial Innovation Business Conference 2018 (FIBC2018) was held in Tokyo on Friday, March 2, 2018, presenting 13 pitches each from domestic and international FinTech companies. Here is the summary of the Japanese startups:

Gojo by BrainCat Inc.

Social foundation platform

Gojo is a platform to create mutual aid systems voluntarily through user relationships. This platform has been created to help especially communities that are experiencing loss of support through the declining population, and helps to continue fostering human bonds in a virtual world even if no longer living in the same place.

Stream by Smartplus Ltd.

This application makes a stock exchange more attractive to users

The trading procedure on a stock exchange, in which traders acquire, analyze and interpret various pieces of information, and then execute transactions, has not progressed for decades. “STREAM” is an application to simplify this traditional process. Using collective intelligence, the app makes it easier to interpret stocks by automatically selecting necessary data from comprehensive information. Applying natural language processing, it creates a smooth transition to the transaction screen. This application offers stock-exchange opportunities to users, especially Millenials and/or digital natives.


Online affordable consumer loans repaid directly from salary

Snippet will offer affordable loans to employees to enable them to consolidate existing debt or take out new low-cost personal finance. The loans are offered as part of an employee benefits plan to provide access to responsible lending, thereby uplifting employee welfare and company productivity.

Authkey by CurrencyPort Limited

KYC and authentication infrastructure for Financial Services

Systematic customer verification procedures are an essential element of risk management of financial services and are important for protecting reliability and soundness of services. This is necessary not only to comply with legal requirements for money laundering prevention but also from the viewpoint of broader soundness. The KYC solution that Authkey provides is not limited to financial services, but is widely effective in all fields requiring customer acceptance, customer identity verification and risk management.

Enterprise Blockchain by Keychain G.K.

Keychain wallet/gateway enables companies to authenticate data

Keychain provides a wallet/gateway SDK for companies that enables data authentication and fortifies integrity of the data.

Investment Tools by Financial Innovation Gateways

FIGS is an investment tools and information platform

Financial Innovation Gateways (FIGS) delivers clear and accessible information to any investor by taking the same data that the professionals use and transforming it into simple-to-understand tools and insights. Featuring a suite of unique analysis tools such as the Analyst Score and Probability Calculator, FIGS strives to empower every investor so that they can make smarter decisions about their financial wealth.

justInCase, Inc.

Insurance with a personal touch via smartphone

Smartphone insurance by justInCase provides coverage in case a smartphone is broken. Smartphone insurance is Japan’s first-ever insurance product provided by an app with AI technology. The insurance premium is optimized for individuals using AI. The premium will likely be extremely low if the buyer has never previously broken a phone. Even if the buyer cracks his/her phone frequently, it is still possible to get a cheaper premium if they treat their phone more carefully.

Moge Score by MFS Inc.

Japan’s first credit scoring service

Moge Score is a service that calculates credit scores by judging creditworthiness measured by annual income and 10 other important factors. Before applying to a bank for a housing loan, this service allows users to predict borrowing conditions and interest rates. By changing various factors, such as income, length of service, and job type, users can understand how credit scores are assigned and take measures to improve their credit score.

Donuts by Sasuke Financial Lab Inc.

Insurance agency specializing in online services

Donuts is a digital platform that instantly provides recommendations for life/health insurance products that can be obtained. This is setup as an online insurance agency covering multiple insurance companies’ products.

BIZIT M&A by Tryfunds Inc.

Global M&A marketplace where you can find the best investment

BIZIT M&A is for all companies that want to “TRY” new business. The service establishes a marketplace from all over the world, and enables anyone to easily invest into, acquire or sell businesses and assets. In developing countries, methods for M&A have yet to be established. BIZIT M&A helps to standardize the process. The service does not only show deal information, but also provides functions for deal management and negotiation based upon a secure system architecture.

Bit Hunters by Real World Games, Inc.

Augmented Reality (AR) location-based game

Bit Hunters utilizes the proprietary location information database “Portal” to provide a location information-based game like Pokemon GO. The game will improve players’ health and help increase awareness of companies’ products using AR advertisements throughout the game’s story. Utilizing blockchain technology, Bit Hunters will include its own virtual currency (token) to incentivize certain actions with the came and build its own economy.

Gate by Leeways Inc.

Real Estate Technology with Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Gate is a simulation system that estimates the future profit and value of real estate by using big data from 58 million independently collected real estate transactions. Providing a highly transparent trading platform for the real estate professional by providing a highly accurate analysis tool based on artificial intelligence.

Palette IoT by Momo, Ltd.

IoT system that anone can use on a low budget

Platform service that allows anyone to use IoT without large development costs, time or expert knowledge. All users have to do is place Palette sensors in the necessary places and download the application on a smartphone or tablet. Development of hardware is unnecessary since all tools needed for development are included in one kit. System structure can also be developed intuitively using a smartphone or tablet.

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