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Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo

Business plan presentations for TMG accelerator participants held on March 16. 2018

Factom, Inc.

The Factom Platform


Near-term, 2018 plans for Gatecoin in Japan

IOTA Foundation

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates, one use case for IOTA


Lykke target customer segments


Geo-fenced AR-assisted airdrop of a Starbucks token by Platin
  • Location Oracle — locations around the world are continuously scanned by nodes for diverse signals detectable by a smartphone, verifying and updating the oracle’s canonical data;
  • Behavior over Time — mobile nodes’ signal history is sampled periodically and applied to increase their node’s trust score; and
  • Peer Proximity — peers exchange data, analyzing and mutually comparing it to vote on honest nodes and thwart sybil attacks; using gossip protocols and zero knowledge proofs, trust flows from high to low enabling even new peers to participate in consensus and earn Platin currency (PTN) via PoL mining.


PopulStay business model

Tempo France

Tempo blockchain accelerator achievements


The XAIN Public Enterprise Blockchain



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