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Fujitsu & Salesforce partner with San-in Godo Bank for digital lending

San-in Godo Bank is a regional bank headquartered in Matsue City, Shimane prefecture, which — as a quick Google search reveals— is a mountainous, sparsely populated coastal prefecture in the western part of Japan’s Honshu Island. The perfect environment for banking, one would think. The good news is that among the very top search results is the headquarter’s observation deck, the 55th best thing to do in Matsue, according to Tripadvisor. The bad news is that Shimane is on the FSA list of prefectures whose economic activity cannot even sustain a single regional bank. So it is reassuring to know that the bank has international offices in Dalian, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

Having so far failed on their medium-term plan objective of “Cost structure reform to realize strategic investment” (the overhead ratio increased from 61.75% to 62.85% during the period from March 2018 to March 2020), San-in Godo has now turned to Fujitsu and Salesforce to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency in the personal loans business. The goal is to offer card loans, private car loans, educational loans, etc. from spring 2021, and mortgages from fall 2021, with plans for further expansion.

The system will be an integration of Fujitsu’s localized Q2 Cloud Lending platform with Salesforce’s “Financial Services Cloud” and “Experience Cloud”.

The Q2 Cloud Lending Platform

In July 2016, Fujitsu formed a global strategic partnership with Cloud Lending Solutions, that got extended in May 2017 for Fujitsu to become the dedicated location partner and sole sales agent for Cloud Lending in Japan. Cloud Lending has been natively build on the Salesforce platform as an industry-specific application. In 2018, Cloud Lending got acquired by Q2 Holdings in a USD 105m deal. The components of the solution comprise the following:

  • CL Originate™ is an underwriting platform, managing loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements, converting applications into contracts for servicing
  • CL Loan™ is an end-to-end lending application that enables lenders to manage loans, lines of credit and other financing arrangements within a single robust and secure platform
  • CL Collections™ is an advanced collections solution that enables lenders to define and automate their collection processes, streamline customer interaction across channels and reduce technical, operational and servicing costs
  • CL Lease™ enables lessors to efficiently manage equipment lease throughout the life cycle of the equipment and manage assets, contracts, and customers seamlessly
  • CL Marketplace™ manages entire loan cycles from origination, loan grading & marketplace funding to fractional investing and payments; it automates investments across multiple borrowers on loan grade exposure limits

Instead of the CL Portal function, Salesforce handles the customer “My Page” function, which has already been implemented prior to this initiative. San-in Godo has been the first regional financial institution to adopt the Salesforce platform. The first customer for Cloud Lending in Japan was Altoa, a subsidiary of the accounting software vendor Yayoi, which in December 2017 launched its Altoa Online Loan Service for small businesses. In addition, freee is partnering with Sumitomo Mitsui Card and Fujitsu/Cloud Lending on a loan service for small businesses.

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