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LINE NEXT Launches C2C Marketplace on Global NFT Platform DOSI

LINE NEXT, LINE’s venture dedicated to developing and expanding the NFT ecosystem, has opened its consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace on the global NFT platform DOSI. With the opening of the C2C trading service, users around the world can buy or sell NFTs purchased from brand stores with other users.

Since the DOSI beta launch in September, DOSI has already attracted users from 149 countries and issued more than 100,000 DOSI Wallets with 170,000 membership NFTs. DOSI has sold a total of five NFT collections from its initial NFT stores, including Hellbound, which is based on the №1 webtoon series; NOW. Drops’ NFTs of girl group NMIXX from JYP Entertainment; “DIA NFT” by CJ ENM’s DIA TV; and, Naver Sports’ LG Twins NFTs.

In addition, DOSI is diversifying the NFT experience by providing artist sponsorships through votes held by NFT holders and engaging in Ask-Me-Anything sessions with original creators. To help make NFTs more familiar to users in the future, LINE NEXT plans to launch a diverse range of additional NFT projects.

On the DOSI C2C marketplace, the Hellbound store is the first store open for users, with other DOSI stores scheduled to be added in the future. DOSI’s marketplace offers a simplified transaction process, so that anyone can quickly learn how to use it. Once users connect the DOSI Wallet to a MetaMask wallet, they can use Ethereum to buy or sell NFTs with just few clicks.

Ethereum can also be used as a payment method in the various DOSI stores, along with credit cards, Naver Pay and other payment services. Additionally, LINE NEXT plans to add more crypto assets and mobile payment services in each region, demonstrating its global leadership in developing user-friendly NFT markets. Details about payment methods and DOSI Citizen can be found on the DOSI website (

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