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The Tokeny tokenization platform

Tokeny Solutions is a Luxembourg-based software vendor building a full lifecycle platform to issue, transfer and manage tokenized securities, such as tokenized loans, structured notes, equity and funds, in a compliant way, allowing companies operating in private markets to benefit from using blockchain technology.

Technically built on the Ethereum protocol, and hence leveraging the vast ecosystem of engineering talent as well as of existing wallets, Tokeny shields the implementation details from the user by providing pre-defined business processes. Primarily, the components are a compliant issuance solution (cloud platform to issue tokenized securities to eligible investors), an onchain transfer solution (Tokeny’s T-REX protocol for compliant transfer of ownership to white labeled investors), and a securities servicing solution for events throughout the security token lifecycle.


The issuance solution provides white-labeled compliant investor on-boarding services​, comprising of

  • Subscription whitelabel portal for investors​
  • Investors approval system​
  • E-signature (via Docusign)​
  • Transactional emails​

It integrates a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution covering individual (including accredited investors) and institutional investors. It collates the required data and documents, and issues a blockchain identity.

The issuance service supports multi-currency and multi-payment methods, the tokenized security allocation and in the future will also allow for the distribution through partners to reach more investors.


To enable a compliant transfer of securities ownership on the blockchain, Tokeny provides interoperability with wallets, liquidity providers and identity providers​, based on open source and compatible with blockchain standards (including ERC20)​. The onchain identity system links proof of KYC and the wallets of the investor, whereby the identities are whitelisted, not the wallets, so that the beneficial owner is always identified. The trade validator system is decentralized, thus eliminating a single point of failure.​


Servicing provides solutions for issuers and their investors to manage tokenized securities, including the following features:​

  • Issuer and Agents control panel (transfers management, token supply, etc.)​
  • Investors white-label portal​
  • Identities management and securities recovery process​
  • Ongoing KYC status via onchain identities​
  • Corporate actions (news, announcements and revenue distributions)​
  • Communication tools with investors ​
  • Audit trails and operational reporting​
  • Reliable ecosystem of partners​


In July 2019, Tokeny announced funding from Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone. The investment allows Tokeny to lean on the resources brought by the largest centre of debt and funds listings in the world.

Beyond that, Tokeny has built a broad ecosystem of partners, some of which are listed below.

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