Tokyo Conferences & Meetups

Tokyo offers vibrant FinTech, blockchain and crypto communities with a large number of different events being hosted almost daily. As it is sometimes hard to keep track of all that is going on, here is our attempt at listing major conferences and those meetups that we found worthwhile, trying to cover the major cryptocurrencies at the same time. If we have missed something, please let us know, and we will happily consider any corrections and additions. We aim to keep this page current and link it under the “Events” tab in our Tokyo FinTech Publication.


Open Source Summit
July 17–19

Nikkei Fin/Sum
September 3–6

Ethereum Devcon 5 (Osaka)
October 8–11

FinTech & Blockchain 2019
October 9–11

Highlighted Upcoming Meetups

MySQL Technology Cafe
June 18

Tokyo Bitcoin Hackers
June 19

Security Token Alliance Launch Event
June 20

Japan Quoras Meetup
June 21

Lisk Meetup Japan
June 21

Aichi Prefecture Innovation
June 24

Coral Capital — Startup Engineers
June 25

Liquid Meetup — Wave Financial
June 25

Blockchain x Plasma
June 25

True Global Ventures — Developer Meetup
June 26

Hyperledger Tokyo Meetup
June 27

Cosmos vs Polkadot
June 29

Oracle Blockchain Gig #3
July 4

LINE AI Talk #2
July 5

Tokyo Corda Bootcamp
July 20

Meetup Groups

Angels, Inc. First Tuesdays

Bitcoin Tokyo

Bitcoin Cash Tokyo Meetup

Blockchain Tokyo

Cardano Blockchain Kanto Meetup

Code Crysalis — Developer Workshops & Events

DASH Japan Meetup

EOS Tokyo

Ethereum Japan

FEW Japan (For Empowering Women Japan)

InsurTech Startup Meetup (Finolab)

IPFS Tokyo Meetup

Kadena Japan Community

Le Wagon Tokyo — Coding Bootcamp

Mercari Dev Meetups

NEO Tokyo Meetup

Polkadot Community Japan

SwissBorg — Tokyo Blockchain Unchained Meetup

Tezos Tokyo Meetup

Women Who Code

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