Tokyo Conferences & Meetups

Norbert Gehrke
May 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Tokyo offers vibrant FinTech, blockchain and crypto communities with a large number of different events being hosted almost daily. As it is sometimes hard to keep track of all that is going on, here is our attempt at listing major conferences and those meetups that we found worthwhile, trying to cover the major cryptocurrencies at the same time. If we have missed something, please let us know, and we will happily consider any corrections and additions. We aim to keep this page current and link it under the “Events” tab in our Tokyo FinTech Publication.


Startup Acquarium by Coral Capital
February 8

Wearable Expo
February 12–14

Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C)
March 9–10

Blockchain Expo Tokyo
April 1–3

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit
April 11–12

TechNet Tokyo 2020
May 4–6

Transaction Innovation Forum
May 21

Highlighted Upcoming Meetups

Blockchain Startups
January 20

Polkadot Meetup #6
January 21

FuckUp Nights Tokyo
January 21

Tokyo FinTech — Mambu: An Intro to Composable Banking
January 21

Tokyo FinTech — Plug & Play Japan Showcase
January 22 #24
January 24

Stripe Developer Meetup & New Year Party
January 24

Corda Bootcamp
January 25

Plug & Play Mobility Open Pitch
January 27

Local Innovation x Energy
January 28

Crypto Forensics with Elliptic
January 29

Tokyo Tech Startups — Pitch Night (JPY 1,000)
January 30

GMO Open API Seminar
January 31

Bitcoin for Absolute Beginners Vol. 2
February 5

Tokyo Financial Award
February 12

InsurTech Startup Meetup (JPY 3,000)
February 12

Tokyo Tech Startups — Pitch Night (JPY 1,000)
February 27

Tokyo Tech Startups — Energy Pitch Night (JPY 1,000)
March 25

Meetup Groups

Angels, Inc. First Tuesdays

Bitcoin Tokyo

Bitcoin Cash Tokyo Meetup

Blockchain Tokyo

Cardano Blockchain Kanto Meetup

Code Crysalis — Developer Workshops & Events

DASH Japan Meetup

Ethereum Japan

FEW Japan (For Empowering Women Japan)

InsurTech Startup Meetup (Finolab)

IPFS Tokyo Meetup

Kadena Japan Community

Le Wagon Tokyo — Coding Bootcamp

Mercari Dev Meetups

NEO Tokyo Meetup

Polkadot Community Japan

SwissBorg — Tokyo Blockchain Unchained Meetup

Tezos Tokyo Meetup

Tokyo Tech Startups

Women Who Code

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