Introducing NFT mascot to Real Estate in Japan

First Japanese rental housing service company to create NFT collection on Solana Blockchain.

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For the first time in Japan, a rental housing service company has entered the web 3.0 scene by creating an NFT collection on Solana Blockchain. As a leading real estate company that focuses on affordability and convenience for everyone, choosing Solana Blockchain to deploy their NFTs was a smart decision.

The reason Solana has its edge in the blockchain industry is because of its ease of use, speed and affordability compared to other layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum.

All in all, the introduction of the NFT mascot collection by an established real estate company marks a precedent of blockchain use cases in Japan.

About Village House Management Co., Ltd.

Village House, an innovative leader in real estate in Japan, through renovating Danchi and affordable living. Village House is well known for offering apartments for rent with no deposit, no renewal fees, no key money, and no handling fees. Also they offer move-in support to ensure a stress-free moving experience for local tenants as well as foreign residents.

Village House Website

Village House Management is promoted by the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (JEED). Moreover, they are ESG (Environmental, social and governance) committed, meaning sustainability is of utmost importance through real estate management. Read more about their sustainability policy here.

With almost 1,100 properties operating in 47 prefectures across Japan, Village House is constantly expanding its range of services to enable all residents to find their ideal home with greater peace of mind.

On top of that, they have a very strong backing, since Village House Management Co., Ltd. is part of Fortress Investment Group (Japan) GK. Fortress Investment Group is a leading, highly diversified global investment manager with approximately $44.4 billion of assets under management as of June 30, 2022.

Ville-Jiro-kun NFT Collection

Currently this Japanese real estate company has made its first step in their prospective industry by creating a limited number of Ville-Jiro-kun NFTs. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT for short) is a piece of digital art with a unique digital signature to prove ownership. Their cute mascot inspired NFTs are collectible digital versions of the beloved mascot, Ville-Jiro-kun, and they are giving them away to a few lucky fans on Instagram and Facebook on September 2022.

NFT Collection explained

Ville-Jiro-kun NFT is a collection of 50 unique Ville-Jiro-kun stored on the blockchain. With their adorable design, the goal is to celebrate affordable housing on blockchain with their community with potential benefits in the future.

Ville-Jiro-kun NFT Collection

Here is their full collection’s signature on SolScan.

Who is Ville-Jiro-kun?

Like many other mascots, Ville-Jiro-kun has various ideas and symbols woven into its being. Ville-Jiro-kun represents so many of the things that we, at Village House, love about real estate. The four orange circles in their forest head are ‘zeros’. The four ‘0’s’ are for zero deposit, no key money, no handling fees, and no renewal fees; since we strive to provide apartments with low upfront costs. Ville-Jiro-kun is always thinking about these zero upfront costs! The easygoing owl has housing at the center of its values; Ville-Jiro-kun has a treehouse on their stomach, the owl is always thinking about housing! Ville-Jiro-kun symbolizes the sense of security of affordable and nicely renovated housing. The owl’s priorities are friendliness, helping the neighborhood, and making things easy for the neighborhood. With a heart-shaped face, Ville-Jiro-kun radiates the joy that is felt from low-cost apartments.

Their mascot branding means having their NFT is not just owning some piece of art, but also a piece of their brand.

Mascot Culture in Japan

Japan’s cute culture is well reflected in its popular phenomena of prefectural mascots, also known as Yuru-chara. These Yuru-chara promote Japan’s region and its culture. They have played a big role in branding and marketing, so that it even spread to the Japanese corporate world.

Now with blockchain technology if you can have the mascot as an NFT you will be able to actually own the art and its branding . Moreover, anyone who owns it will be able to hold it to either appreciate the art or keep it as a store of value where they can even resell it on a second market. Ville-Jiro-kun is already verified on Magic Eden, top Solana NFT marketplace.

It is unprecedented to see a mascot as an NFT that you can actually own with branding backed by an established real estate company.

Village House NFT Giveaway

This is a rare opportunity to get an NFT for free and give you a chance to HODL or resell the digital art with community conscious branding.

Click here to read the official giveaway rules statement.

Rules to participate

There will be a post labeled “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT Giveaway” on September 28th on Village House’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts. You may choose one or both of the platforms to be eligible for the giveaway campaign.

How to enter via Instagram

Step 1: Follow

Step 2: Comment your favorite “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT” among 1–10

How to enter via Facebook

Step 1: Visit Page

Step 2: Comment your favorite “Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT” among 1–10

Giveaway Overview

The campaign will last for 7 days. A total of 10 winners will be selected and contacted directly, by verified Village House social accounts, at the end of the last day to collect their Ville-Jiro-kun Official NFT.

To Collect the NFT if you win — Make sure to respond to message within 48 hours and have a wallet capable of supporting Solana NFTs

Recommended wallet Phantom Wallet


Company Name — Village House Management Co., Ltd.

Date of Foundation — December 21, 2016

Main Business Activities — Real Estate/Management and operation of low rent apartment leases (Village House)

Management team — CEO Tatsuhiko Iwamoto / COO Atsushi Kinoshita

Number of Employees — 1,033 (As of 2021/9/21)


With a whale of a backing (Fortress Investment Group), and socially conscious principles (ESG Commitment) that the company stand by, it is very refreshing to see an innovative approach to promote their presence by giving to their community through a power of blockchain.











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