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Blockchain in Enterprise: From Concept to Revenue

Tolar HashNET
Mar 2 · 3 min read

On March 25., Hashnet will actively participate at Blockchain Adria online conference: Blockchain in Enterprise: From Concept to Revenuea kick off event of series of online Blockchain Adria events in 2021, designed to provide participants with the insights, connections, and practical workshops needed to transform their business models and technology estates for the new decentralized economy. Events will cover a wide array of industries, including government and public services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, logistics and retail. Blockchain Adria events are organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, company Hashnet and a number of technology and public sector partners. Participation at the conference is free of charge. More about the conference and registration can be found on the conference website.

An introduction to the conference will be given by: Tadej Slapnik, CEO at Hashnet and Board member at Blockchain Adria, Adrian Ježina, CEO at Telemach and dr. Jernej Pintar, Director at Technology Park Ljubljana. Maria Ceccarelli, Secretary at United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business will present the blockchain project and policy activities at United Nations agencies and organizations. Greg Medcraft, director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs at OECD will talk about the policy environment around blockchain innovation and what governments can do to foster innovation and adoption in this area. Pierre Maro, from European Commission will present recent developments of the European blockchain service infrastructure and activities of European Blockchain Partnership. Nena Dokuzov from Ministry of Economic Development and Technology will present blockchain policy activities on a national, European and global level. Professor Philipp Sandner, head of Frankfurt School blockchain center will speak about initiatives in the field of Central bank Digital Currencies and Digital Euro.

Josip Maričević, CTO at Hashnet will participate as a speaker in Session: Blockchain ecosystems. Together with speakers from Alastria, European Blockchain Partnership, Infrachain and PharmaLedger, Josip will present Hashnet’s blockchain ecosystem contributions to the implementation and adoption of blockchain technology in business and industry. At Blockchain industry and business Session representatives from various blockchain companies will present their solutions and use cases starting from digital identity and security — WISeKey, to mobility — Peter BoSCH GmbH, financial services — Avanza Group , smart cities — Engineering, energy — Suncontract, blockchain as a service — COTRUGLI Bussines School, assessing blockchain opportunities — SedamIT and e-delivery — Skupina Svetilnik.

Representatives from Fraunhofer Institute and Faculty of Computer and Information Science of University of Ljubljana will present their ongoing research blockchain projects while representatives of European blockchain networks: INATBA, European Blockchain Association and European Block Tech Association will conclude the conference with a presentation of their activities in the field of collaboration between blockchain industry in Europe and globally.

Blockchain Adria is a leading blockchain network in South Eastern Europe connecting private and public stakeholders active in blockchain technology education, development and real use case implementation, where we can highlight Hashnet’s successful collaboration with Slovenian telecom operator Telemach at development and launching of globally first national blockchain infrastructure SIChain in Republic of Slovenia. From 2017 and on Blockchain Adria organized impactful national and regional blockchain conferences, meetups and training courses and through networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, it has developed into central Blockchain Digital Innovation Hub in Adriatic region.

Tolar HashNET

HashNET, Distributed Ledger Technology, keeps all positive characteristics of blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 TPS.

Tolar HashNET

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Editorial team of Tolar HashNET — DLT that keeps all positive characteristics of blockchain while increasing throughput to 200,000 TPS.

Tolar HashNET

HashNET, Distributed Ledger Technology, keeps all positive characteristics of blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 TPS.

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