Tadej Slapnik chaired Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration on EU Social Economy

Luxembourg, October 8, 2018

Tadej Slapnik, Director of Tolar HashNET and former State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Slovenia, was charing the second Meeting of Monitoring Committee of Luxembourg Declaration on Social Economy under Slovenian Presidency in 2018, held in Luxembourg, with strong political and institutional representatives from Europe’s leading Social Economy countries, including:

  • Christophe Itier — High Commissioner of Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation, France
  • Nicholas Schmit — Minister of Labour, Employment, Social and Solidarity Economy, Luxembourg
  • Miguel Cabrita — State Secretary for Labour, Portugal
  • Branislav Ondrus — State Secretary, Slovakia
  • Maria Antonia Perez Leon — Self Emoloyment, Social Economy and CSR, Spain
Tadej Slapnik with with Christophe Itier, High Commissioner for Social and Solidarity Economy and for Social Innovation and Nicolas Schmit, Minister for Labour, Employment, Social and Solidarity at Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration

As the creation of Social Economy Blockchain Platform at the European level was one of the main activities for Slovenian Presidency, the ECTA cooperative platform which will use Tolar HashNET algorithm, has been designed as a basic platform connecting workforce to earn reputation with their skills and get discovered before starting to look for a job. The companies will also be able to hire talents with proven AI tools — Act responsible.

The platform was presented by MSc Nena Dokuzov, Head of Blockchain Department at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia. The presentation of the platform was a great success and attracted a lot of attention among high representatives including ministers, state secretaries and other government representatives of member states and European institutions. The representative of European Commission invited Slovenia to present the platform on the EU level.