Tadej Slapnik meets with members of European Parliament delegation in Taipei

Tolar HashNET Slovenia Director, Tadej Slapnik, joined members of European Parliament delegation in Taipei and discussed potential of European — Taiwan cooperation in the field of Circular Economy, Blockchain Technology and Social Economy together with Mr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Chiu Chui-Cheng, Deputy Minister for Mainland Affairs Council, Mr. Jia-chyuan Su, President of Parliament, Mrs. Connie Chang, Director General at National Development Council of Taiwan.

Representatives of Taiwanese Government and research institutions accept an invitation to collaborate and actively participate European Blockchain Hub Euro — Asian Blockchain Tour event: Blockchain for SDG’s on September 27, 2018 in Taipei where Tolar’s HashNET, sustainable — low energy consuming, scaleable and fast Proof of Stake Distributed Ledger Technology Algorithm with Masternodes to Secure 200,000 Transactions per Second will be also introduced.