Tolar 2018 rewind

Overview of all activities in 2018

Representing the official introduction of the Tolar HashNET project, the year of 2018 was fun, productive, exciting and most importantly, successful. From the first beginnings, through our token sale and crypto market turmoil, to the the opening of Tolar headquarters; it was everything but ordinary.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Almost four years ago, we asked ourselves one simple question — what can we do to make the most of blockchain technology with the resources we have at our disposal? The answer was facilitated by COTRUGLI Business School, which recognized the potential of blockchain technologies among the first in the region of SE Europe and provided crucial support from the start.

Thanks to the full support of our strategic partner, COTRUGLI, we were able to jumpstart several initiatives that ultimately gave birth to Tolar HashNET. One of the first initiatives was the creation of Blockchain Adria and we also developed Blockchain Academy and the worlds 1st Blockchain EMBA Program and Program for Certified Blockchain Developers, helping our clients make the most of this fascinating technology.

With the ongoing support from COTRUGLI, we started a process of incubating several ideas we found to be credible. All of them were guided professionally by the COTRUGLI Incubator, piloted and examined back and forth by prominent business experts, consultants and MBA graduates on one side, and blockchain professionals and enthusiasts on the other.

The one idea that prevailed was the one that received amazing support from the start, as it was deemed revolutionary, credible and attainable. The idea soon became an extremely serious and professional movement that skyrocketed from the start and received amazing support from both business and the blockchain community…


Based on HashNET — a revolutionary technology beyond blockchain, we are confident Tolar will indeed revolutionise the global business.

Here is our yearly overview that touches on most important events that made our project successful:


February 28: Social media channels and website are ready


March 3: Introducing the project for the first time

Tolar HashNET was officially introduced during the Blockchain Adria Meetup in Zagreb with over 400 attendees. It was a big day for Tolar as it represented the official introduction of the project. You can read more about it here.

March 10: Tolar HashNET at the Crypto Investor Show

Tolar team visited at UK’s biggest crypto and blockchain event for investors — Crypto Investor Show where we had interesting meetings with potential partners and new team members. Read more. This was just the beginning of our amazing journey…

March 26: Tolar Telegram group

We have officially opened our Telegram group. Make sure to join, as our admins will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

March 27: Tolar team expands

At this point of time, our team counted 30 members and we were looking to recruit new developers and marketing experts to help us grow even stronger.

March 28: Tolar Project was presented at the Blockchain Venture Summit in Istanbul

The second time we presented the project was in Istanbul, during the Blockchain Venture Summit. The conference brought together blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs and professionals with a purpose of establishing relationships with the most influential minds in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Read more.


April 25: Microsoft WinDays Conference — Poreč, Croatia

The 18th edition of the largest IT and Business Conference in Poreč, Croatia has hosted over 2,000 participants and had many lectures, presentations, roundtables, workshops and case studies. This conference was a great opportunity for us to increase visibility of the project and to have in-person meetings with the most influential tech people in the region. Tolar CTO, Josip Maricevic, and CIO, Mario Vojvoda have held a 30-minute presentation where they covered the core concepts of HashNET algorithm, combined with some use cases. Also, they were available for the Q&A sessions throughout the day in which we found a great interest in the Tolar project and the entire Blockchain industry.

Microsoft WinDays 2018, Poreč, Croatia
Mario and Josip presenting Tolar

April 26: Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland

With over 700 participants, The Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley had a full day of panels and keynotes that mainly focused on the intersection between enterprises and startups, as well as on a different approaches of using blockchian technology to build a new projects with a distributed ledger technology (DLT). Having over 60 speakers delivering high quality panels, we were able to hear a lot of valuable discussions and insights on where the industry is moving to in the near future.

Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley main stage, Zug 2018


May 8: Blockchain Adria Meetup in Belgrade

Tolar project was one of the main focuses of Blockchain Adria Meetup, which as organized by COTRUGLI Alumni Club Serbia and Blockchain Adria. The purpose of the event was to educate the audience on the potential of blockchain technology and to underline its applicability and impact on individuals, as well as on businesses on a global scale. We have written a full article about this event, which you can read here.

May 13: Circular Change Conference in Maribor, Slovenia

During the Circular Change 2018 Conference in Maribor, Tolar HashNET’s CEO, Zoran Dordevic presented how blockchain technology can support circularity.

May 18: Telegram group reaches over 1,000 members

May 21: Private sale phase and token metrics

Private sale phase lasted for one month, until June 21. During the private sale phase we were seeing a lot of interest in Tolar project. Minimum contribution for private sale was equivalent to 50 ETH for individuals and 1000 ETH for private pools.

May 23: Tolar on ICO Drops

One big milestone completed for Tolar, as we have entered ICO Drops.

May 25: Beyond 4.0 Conference in Ljubljana

During the Beyond 4.0 conference, organized by Adriatic Council and held in Ljubljana, Josip Maricevic, as the founder of the most successful Slovenian company — Tolar, has received the Beyond Leaders award. Beyond 4.0 is a conference for the future, and its goal is to create conditions for the economic growth and stability in the countries of the Adriatic region.

During the same event, the Tolar founder and the Principal of COTRUGLI Business School, Drazen Kapusta, has accepted an award for the leading business school in the SEE region and received compliments from the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Miro Cerar and State Secretary of Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik.

Josip receiving the Beyond Leaders Award, Ljubljana
Drazen receiving compliments for his award from the Prime Minister and State Secretary of Slovenia


June 4: Ian Balina pitch contest in Budapest

Tolar team has won the Ian Balina’s ICO pitch competition during his Crypto World Tour in Budapest. Our founder, Josip Maricevic, deserves all the praise as his amaizing performance has secured the first place for Tolar.

Ian Balina ICO pitch competition, Budapest

June 6: Tolar HashNET review by Cryptonomatron

June 9: OhHeyMatty reviews Tolar

Tolar has received an overall score 87 out of 100 from OhHeyMatty. The full review is available on his Youtube channel. His general opinion about the project is: “I think a project as a whole is pretty solid and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future and I’ll definitely be following this project.”

June 12: Andre Cronje reviews Tolar code

Great fundamental design, one that I look forward to seeing in the testnet, as soon as it is out. I think it can make a real difference in both finality and transaction throughput. It does lock them into Proof-of-Stake, since redesigning consensus will be a ground up design, but I don’t think that is inherently bad. All in all, good code, novel design, excited to see where this goes.” More details about his review are available in the title link.

June 14: Ian Balina reviews Tolar

We are in his top 3 with overall score 79,56%. “Tolar is my third best ICO. […]What I do like — it has a decent team, they do have prototype, they have all-star advisors which is good. It’s a big idea — the fact that they are building an infrastructural project. They are competing with other blockchains. […]Their community is decent as well. To me, this is a border line all-star project.”

June 15: Tolar Telegram Announcement Channel is ready

Our Official Telegram Announcement Channel was launched. Make sure to follow us for all important announcements as we still update it regularly.

June 22: Presale and ICO whitelist registrations

We have officially opened our presale and ICO whitelist process for all interested participants. Presale sale bonus was 10%.

June 25: Diddy Carter’s reviews Tolar

We are in his top 10 ICOs with overall score of B+. More details on the review are available in the title link above.

ICO reviews by CryptoDiffer — updated

June 26: Tolar visits the WB EDIF Business Forum in Belgrade

Tolar HashNET visited the first WB EDIF Business Forum which took place in Belgrade. The Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Economy of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the auspices of the European Commission and with the support of the EIF. The event gathered more than 150 participants from the entire region, including officials from the beneficiary economies, EC, EUDs, IFIs, Chambers, banks and finance providers as well as a number of SMEs.

WB EDIF Business Forum, Belgrade

June 28: Tolar prototype reached the speed of over 150,000 TPS

Tolar team has demonstrated its prototype with a speed reaching 150,000 TPS on multiple nodes during the live event held in Zagreb. The event was held to show the progress of the project and explain the impact it can have on global scale. Participants were able to watch the livestream of the event. The recording is still available on our Youtube Channel for those who haven’t been able to watch us live.

Tolar Prototype Demo — Short video


July 3: Tolar at the World Cup of Vegas

Tolar attended The World Cup of Vegas 2018 with poker professionals who play WSOP. Fourteen countries have participated and battled for the 5th annual championship all wearing Tolar HashNET jerseys! United Kingdom is the winner of this year’s championship.

July 6: AMA with OhHeyMatty

Right after the WCOV we had a live AMA with OhHeyMatty. Make sure to watch, as many questions concerning our project were answered. Soon after the AMA, OhHeyMatty has upgraded his overall score for the Tolar HashNET project from 84 to 87/100. Watch the AMA:

July 12: Crypto Lifestyle reviews Tolar

July 15: Tolar at the World Cup Finals in Moscow

Part of our team has attended the World Cup Finals this year, rooting for Croatia (of course). We have also met with Ian Balina for lunch that day and took a few photos:

July 17: Final ICO Hard Cap Announcement

After careful analysis of the current crypto market and intensive consultations with our community, investors, advisors and influencers, Tolar team has made a final decision in the hard cap (45,000 ETH).

July 17: Interview with Crypto Rand

To gain a deeper understanding of our project, technology and the team, make sure to read the interview here.

July 21: Tolar World Tour begins

During our World Tour, we have visited conferences and events around the globe and had meetings with investors and chats with our community members. Here are the places we have visited in July:

  • Kuala Lumur, July 21: Euro-Asia Blockchain Hub Press Conference and the official opening of the Euro-Asia Blockchain Hub office
  • Seoul, July 21: Tolar Korea Meetup and the afterparty with our associates
  • Bangkok, July 28–29: Hybrid Summit — The Internet of Value
Tolar was awarded Speaker’s award while giving a presentation on our unique HashNET platform.

July 23: Tolar HashNET is in TOP 3 Highest rated ICO’s

July 23: Why choose Tolar?

To sum up all of our achievements so far and reviews that our project has received, we have created a list of 10 reasons to choose Tolar.

July 25: AMA with Ian Balina

Another AMA this month, with Ian Balina. Our CTO, Josip Maricevic, and CEO, Zoran Dordevic were present for the interview. On another note, after our hard cap change, Ian has upgraded our overall score to 82/100 which moved us from being a STARTER ICO to an ALL-STAR ICO.

AMA with Ian Balina

July 26: How Tolar was born…

Have you ever wondered how the idea of Tolar was born? We have prepared a story of our amazing journey, which you can find here.

July 27: Tolar Whitepaper
We have completed and uploaded our full Whitepaper, which you can access here.


Tolar World Tour continued….

  • August 1, Ho Chi Minh: We have organized the Tolar Vietnam Meetup in Ho Chi Minh, presented our project to the local audience and spent some time with our Vietnam Blockchain Community.
  • August 5, Tokyo: We continued to the next World Blockchain Roadshowin Tokyo, where we won the Future of Blockchain Award and presented Tolar HashNET to Asian investors.
  • August 16, Toronto: We had a pitch at the Blockchain Futurist Conference, 2-day conference held in Toronto, the birthplace of ethereum and home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and hundreds of blockchain startups.
  • August 26, Taiwan: With the help of our local associates, we have organized a Tolar Taiwan Meetup where our core developer, Igor Jerkovic, presented the project to the local audience.
  • August 28, Singapore: We presented at the Blockchain Summit Singapore, with over 700 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors, with a purely Blockchain focused audience. That same evening, we had a Private Investor Dinner at Tower Club Singapore.

August 1: Tolar Masternodes are introduced

Masternodes are critical for processing transactions and helping secure the Tolar HashNet network. By supporting and actively participating in this process, you can be a part our network. To become a masternode holder now, apply here

August 8: ICO Crunch Review

“That case when a promise is not just a promise. 150 TPS right now, and this is what we’ve been waiting for.” Read the full review here.

August 15: Meeting with prof.Muhammad Yunus, Kuala Lumpur

August 17: Partnership with Kingdom of Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority

Tolar HashNET partnered with Kingdom of Bahrain Information & eGovernment Authority to provide next generation blockchain platform and support new projects that will help deliver next generation of government excellence to citizen of Kingdom of Bahrain. Read more.

August 20: ICO Hot list
We have been HOT listed on ICO Hot List as one of the trending token sales to keep an eye on!

August 22: ICO of KOREA review

Better than Hashgraph, but more potential? What makes it different from other scalability projects? Read the full review here.

August 23: Interview with Crypto Lifestyle

Watch the short interview we had with the Crypto Lifestyle during our visit to Toronto:

August 28: Tolar Vietnam Telegram Groups

As our community is rapidly growing in Vietnam and have many partners backing up our project, we have new Tolar Telegram groups. All details are here.

August 28: Some facts about Tolar

We have compiled a list of facts about Tolar. If you are wondering why you should choose Tolar, read this.

August 30: Partnership with BOOSTO

We have partnered with BOOSTO will furnish protocol integration for Tolar HashNET, allowing users to use Tolar token on BOOSTO protocol, and in turn, Tolar will provide a better and faster blockchain network for BOOSTO to build on. More info here.

August 31: Partnership with EMMARES

We are happy to announce another partnership, with EMMARES. According to the agreement, we are expecting an organic growth of our email newsletter presence and EMMARES is welcoming the knowledge of our team in the area of high transaction blockchain. More info here.

August 31: Presale closes

Our presale has officially closed on August 31. ICO was scheduled to start on September 15, 2018 at 2 pm GMT.


September 1: Tadej Slapnik joins Tolar HashNET team

Tadej Slapnik, former State Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, has joined our team as the Director of Tolar HashNET Slovenia. Read all about his experience and work here.

September 3: Interview with Decentral Magazine

Our CIO, Mario Vojvoda, answered questions about our technology for the Decentral Magazine. The article written by Nini Moru can be found here.

September 4: Tadej Slapnik participated at the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris.

Tadej Slapnik, participated at the high-level Panel: Blockchain for Better Policies, OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris, together with Mrs. Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr. David Burt, Premier of Bermuda, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister, Republic of Mauritius and Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General at OECD. Read more.

September 4: Tolar HashNET and Unibright become partners

Tolar HashNET and Unibright signed a Memorandum of Understading (MoU) to support further expansion and worldwide adoption of Unibright’s framework and Tolar HashNET. Learn all about the partnership.

September 12: Tolar Prototype Presentation

We have held yet another presentation of our prototype, where we have demonstrated the maximum speed of 154,000 TPS on 100 nodes. Make sure to watch the video:

September 13: AMA with ICO gens

September 14: Overcoming Innovation Conference, Slovenia

At the conference Overcoming Innovations — digital transformation of traditional companies through blockchain and DLT in Noordung Center in Vitanje, Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik participated as a speaker representing Tolar HashNET and our revolutionary HashNET proof of stake protocol.

September 15: ICO starts

Our ICO has started on September 15, 2018 at 2pm GMT and was scheduled to end on September 20, 2018 at 2pm GMT. ICO price for all contributions was 0,000145055 ETH per TOL. There was no limit on minimum and maximum contribution.

September 17: Tadej Slapnik met with members of European Parliament delegation in Taipei

Tadej Slapnik, Tolar HashNET Slovenia Director, joined members of European Parliament delegation in Taipei and discussed potential of European — Taiwan cooperation in the field of Circular Economy, Blockchain Technology and Social Economy. Read the full story here.

September 18: Review by Suppoman

Watch @MichaelSuppo’s video on could Tolar do well in a bear market and why:

September 19: Interview with the Crypto Lifestyle

September 20: Tolar ICO ends

We are very thankful to our investors and the community for the amazing support that we have received throughout this journey. Total amount raised in presale and ICO was 28,807.01 ETH.

September 25: Tadej Slapnik participates as a speaker at UNGA in NYC

Tadej Slapnik participated as a speaker at at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) High-Level Side Event on Social Business, Youth and Technology, chaired by Nobel prize literate and SDG Advocate prof. Muhamad Yunus. The event was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Watch Tadej Slapnik’s speech:

He also had a fruitful discussion about potentials of Blockchain technology for achieving Sustainable Development Goals with members of the 73th UNGA, Chinese Youth Delegation at Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York.

September 30: Tolar token release

Token distribution process has started on September 30, 2018 at 2:00 pm GMT. All investors have received their TOL tokens by end of day.

September 30: Tolar token (TOL) is listed on Hotbit


October 3: Tadej Slapnik met with representatives of Maltese government and regulators

Tolar HashNET Director, Tadej Slapnik had a meeting with representatives of Maltese government and regulators. He discussed the future partnership between Tolar HashNET and Malta government in implementing HashNET proof of stake protocol for public and private services in achieving sustainable development goals. Read more.

October 5: Tolar team attended the official opening of the EU Blockchain Hub in Ljubljana

EU Blockchain Hub, established to facilitate high-level advocacy for creation and development of Blockchain and emerging technologies while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple sectors worldwide, has officially opened on October 5. Tolar team was present for the opening as our Director, Tadej Slapnik, is a President of the Advisory Board of the EUBCHUB. Drazen Kapusta, Founder of Tolar HashNET, is also a member of the Management Board of EUBCHUB.

Tadej Slapnik, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the EUBCHUB with Blaž Golob, President and CEO of EUBCHUB

October 5: Tolar token (TOL) is listed on IDEX

All info and instructions can be found here.

October 8: Tadej Slapnik chaired Monitoring Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration on EU Social Economy

Tadej Slapnik, Director of Tolar HashNET and former State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Slovenia, chaired the second Meeting of Monitoring Committee of Luxembourg Declaration on Social Economy under Slovenian Presidency in 2018, held in Luxembourg, with strong political and institutional representatives from Europe’s leading Social Economy countries. More info.

October 9–14: Tolar at the COTRUGLI Days in Umag

Tolar team attended the annual COTRUGLI Days in Umag, Croatia which gathered around 500 leaders and managers from the whole SEE region. We had a presentation at the Business 4.x & Future of HR conference as well as many constructive meetings and brainstorming sessions with our associates and potential business partners. Read more.

October 15: EUNEX Grand Launch in Milan

A brainchild of EUBC Hub and AB Hub, EUNEX is a digital asset exchange platform that is supported by both European and Asian networks — making it a well-recognised and well-connected platform for global digital asset trading. Tadej Slapnik, as a Chairman at EUNEX held a welcoming speech during the Grand Launch in Milan.

October 17: Tolar token (TOL) supply has been updated on CoinMarketCap

All info can be found here.

October 19: Tolar token (TOL) is listed on Sistemkoin

October 19: Tolar HashNET headquarters opened in Slovenia

We are proud to announce that Tolar HashNET company headquarters are located in Slovenske Konjice. The official opening took place on October 19, 2018, where we have signed letter of intent with the municipality Slovenske Konjice to collaborate in the field of adoption and development of blockchain technology. You can read more about this important event here.

Tadej Slapnik, Director of Tolar HashNET Slovenia and Mr. Miran Gorinšek, mayor of Slovenske Konjice municipality

October 19: European Blockchain Meetup 2018 in Celje

We have participated at the European Blockchain Meetup 2018 in Celje: Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals — Feel The Future Fair. Tolar was selected as Rock Star blockchain project for sustainable development goals. Read the full story.

October 24: EBDR Forum in London

Tadej Slapnik has attended the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)Forum: Fintech (R)evolution — the good the bad and the opportunities that lie ahead. The Forum brought together FinTech experts from the public and private sectors, and tackled some of the most important issues in FinTech. Read more.

October 25–26: CEE Block — biggest Blockchain Forum in CEE with policy-makers from the European Commission

As a representative of Tolar HashNET, Tadej Slapnik has participated in the largest blockchain forum in CEE region that gathered highest policy-makers from the European Commission and European Union member states, under the patronage of M. Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. Slovenia was highlighted as one of the most important Blockchain Hubs in Europe by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. All details are here.

Lilyana Pavlova, Minister for Regional Development and Public Works
Tadej Slapnik and Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

October 26: Tolar and Unibright Meetup in Belgrade

We had a very productive workshop with our partner, followed by a Blockchain Meetup in the evening. The event, hosted by Zühlke, was held in Belgrade and was a great opportunity to meet the Unibright team and discuss our partnership in greater detail.

October 30: Corporate Innovation Conference in Belgrade

Yesterday, part of our team was also present at the Corporate Innovation Conference in Belgrade, organized by ICT Hub and supported by USAID and Serbian Ministry for Innovation and Technological Development.

Kyle Scott, US Ambassador to Serbia


COTRUGLI and the Government of Mauritius

We are very proud of our strategic partner, COTRUGLI Business School, as they have started working with the Government of Mauritius on the development of a national strategic plan for the adoption of Blockchain Technology. The main goal is to help position the Republic of Mauritius as a front runner for Blockchain Technology, and not just for Africa but the whole World. Tolar team is also there!

Mario Vojvoda and Tadej Slapnik at the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation

November 6: Blockckchain for SDGs in Zug

Tadej Slapnik, Director of Tolar HashNET, Chairman at Eunex Exchange and EUBCHUB, participated at the Blockckchain for SDGs in Zug. He discussed how Slovenia is positioning itself in order to become the leader in the sustainable utilisation of Blockchain technology.

November 8: European Court of Auditors Conference

Tadej Slapnik participated in the European Court of Auditors Conference in Luxembourg: Blockchain opportunities and practical applications for EU expenditure control. He talked about the adoption of blockchain in Slovenia and and highlighted Tolar HashNET as sustainable DLT infrastructure of the future.

November 20: Data Protection Summit, Mauritius

At the Data Protection Africa Summit in Mauritius, Tadej Slapnik joined a panel discussion — Blockchain and data protection sharing Blockchain and General Data Protection Regulation implementation in European Union.

November 23: Tadej meets the President of the Republic of Mauritius

Tadej Slapnik had the meeting with Mr. Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, President of the Republic of Mauritius where he discussed the potentials of blockchain at achieving SDG’s, introducing him to Tolar HashNET as sustainable Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure of the future.

November 28: World Artificial Intelligence Show & World Blockchain Summit, Mauritius

Drazen Kapusta and Tadej Slapnik attended the World Artificial Intelligence Show in Mauritius, where they witnessed @RealSophiaRobot talking with representatives of Mauritius government about potentials of innovation and AI.

November 29: Digital Shapers Conference in Zagreb

Our Board Member, Marko Kucic, presented Tolar HashNET at the Digital Shapers Conference in Zagreb. Organized by Croatian RTL, last year this conference gathered more than 700 participants.

November 30: World Blockchain Summit, Mauritius

Tadej Slapnik was a keynote speaker at the World Blockchain Summit in Mauritius, where he presented Tolar HashNET proof of stake DLT sustainable protocol. The event is designed to connect global blockchain gurus and technology players with regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers. The event was addressed by Mr. The Hon.Pravind Kumar Jugnauth — Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Republic of Mauritius and Mr. The Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden — Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation, Republic of Mauritius.

November 30: New team members and website

We have welcomed 3 new developers in our tech team!


December 5: Zagreb Connect Conference

As a representative of Tolar HashNET, Tadej participated at Zagreb Connect Conference in a panel: Future technologies, sharing potential of distributed ledger technology for startups.

December 6: Interview with Humans of Blockchain

Make sure to read an interesting interview with Tadej Slapnik during the World Blockchain Summit 2018 in Mauritius.

December 7: Tadej Slapnik met with the President of Catalonian government

During the meeting with the President of Catalonia government Mr. Quim Torra at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, we have discussed potentials of Tolar HashNET entering Catalonian market particularly in the field of blockchain services for smart cities, where Barcelona is the most progressive smart city in Europe.

Tadej Slapnik with Mr. Quim Torra, the President of Catalonia government

December 10: Tolar HashNET at the Companies Doing Good Forum in Skopje

Tadej Slapnik represented Tolar HashNET at Companies Doing Good Forum: The New Economy in Skopje. During the same visit, Tadej had a fruitful meeting with representatives of different ministries, regulators, UNDP, academia and blockchain companies, discussing future cooperation in developing blockchain projects for public and private sector in Macedonia. We are looking forward to the upcoming activities in 2019 where Tolar HashNET will be one of the front runner companies for developing distributed ledger solutions for public and private services boosting regional development in the region.

December 14: Workshops with representatives of Mauritius ICT companies

Tolar HashNET and COTRUGLI Bussines School teams have organized workshops for representatives of Mauritius ICT companies and associations to explore their blockchain potentials in the framework of preparation of the National strategic plan for the adoption of blockchain technology.

December 19: Meeting with the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation of the Republic of Mauritius

Tolar HashNET and COTRUGLI Business School team had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, communication and Innovation of the Republic of Mauritius discussing potentials of implementation HashNET DLT for public and private services.

December 21: New website, dashboard, EVM integration and token burn

New website and dashboard

Our new website is ready and has a complete new look, make sure to check it out! The new website has a dashboard connected to our developer testnet. With this feature, you are able to keep track on all tests that we are doing in real time, the speed of our transactions and the status and location of our nodes.

Token burn

Token burn took place on December 21 at 15:00 GMT. You can keep track of our total supply here.

EVM integration

Our first version of mainnet will have EVM capabilities (in original roadmap it was planned after v1.0 of mainnet was released). As it’s pretty obvious, explorers and wallets can’t work without functional network, so they will be released to public after public testnet. All of these updates will be reflected on our new website.

December 24: Tolar HashNET signs an agreement with UNDP

Tolar HashNET has signed an agreement with UNDP for preparation of concept note on SDG Business Lab in Macedonia. All details can be found here.

We hope you enjoyed our journey as much as we did. The year of 2018 was a fun rollercoaster that we will never forget. We have worked hard to get here and we are very proud of our achievements. We are also very excited because great things are about to happen in 2019…

As our team is very dedicated to keeping the community informed and being transparent in our communications, make sure to continue following us on all our channel and we promise not to disappoint you.