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Tolar — April Retrospective

An overview of all important activities from April 2019

As we are gearing up with many new developments, we are happy to continue with our monthly overviews. April was one of the most exciting months for Tolar since the ICO phase.

Here is the list of all exciting activities that took place this April:

April 4: Digital Summit Western Balkans, Belgrade

At the Digital Summit in Belgrade, we presented Tolar HashNET and communia as blockchain startups that are utilizing blockchain technology to achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Tadej Slapnik participated at the Blockchain panel and used Tolar HashNET as an example of good practices in blockchain.

We also had fruitful meeting with Greg Medcraft, Director of Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs at OECD — OCDE and Loretta Joseph, Consultant at OECD — OCDE Blockchain Policy Center during the Summit in Belgrade.

April 8: Tolar HashNET at the UNECE side event in Geneva

Tolar HashNET participated at the UNECE (UN/CEFACT) side eventStart-ups for smart cities in a digital world: Harnessing the potential of Blockchain for smart cities, that highlighted the role of innovative blockchain solutions in fostering economic and social growth of smart sustainable cities, in particular the role of start-ups in building capacity for blockchain solutions.

We are very proud that Tolar HashNET is one of 15 use cases highlighted in Blockchain “white paper” as Sustainable, Scalable and Fast new generation of blockchain technology suitable for public and private services. Read more.

April 23: Tolar HashNET testnet launched during the Noordung Forum

During the Forum organized by Noordung Hub and Tolar HashNET in cooperation with Ministry of economic development and technology of the Republic of Slovenia, Noordung center and partner organizations, Tolar has launched its testnet. Now, all interested parties will be able to test our technology and give their inputs. Read more about this important story.

Tadej Slapnik, Director at Tolar HashNET opens the forum
Josip Maricevic, Tolar CTO and Zoran Djordjevic, Tolar CEO presenting Tolar HashNET testnet

All developers, blockchain enthusiasts, representatives of public and private organizations can apply to start using the testnet here.
Also, make sure to watch the video from interactive workshop with Josip Maricevic, explaining how to use Tolar HashNET testnet:

April 25: Tolar at the FinConf in Sarajevo

As a representative of Tolar HashNET, Tadej Slapnik attended the FinConf in Sarajevo and participated as a speaker in the panel: The Slovenian Model. This is a 4th International Conference Dedicated to Innovation in Financial Services, which aims to providing a forum for open and forward-oriented discussions on current and future trends in Financial Services. FinConf brings together the visionaries that are shaping the world of tomorrow.

April 30: Tripartite strategic partnership between Tolar, Boosto and Hotbit Exchange

Tolar is pleased to announce a tripartite strategic partnership between Tolar, Boosto and Hotbit Exchange, focusing on the integration and optimization among blockchain technology, platform and application. Read more.

Stay tuned for more exciting news next month!



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